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Canadian Air Force - 12 Minute Exercises

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giulia Wed 01-Jun-22 20:37:54

Does anyone remember these or still do them.

They were originally created for office staff of the CRAF.

I have the book and have done them periodically over the years.

However they stop at age 60. I am 76 and would like to start doing them again. Am a bit worried though. Does anyone else in my age group do them regularly?

geekesse Wed 01-Jun-22 21:27:34

I remember them from the mid 70s. As I recall, they were uninspiring and tedious. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do them now…

Jaxjacky Wed 01-Jun-22 21:36:50

Helen Mirren does them at 76.

Lark123 Wed 01-Jun-22 21:41:05

I still do the exercises; got my book in 1981.
I too was going to post that piece about Helen Mirren, as well as advise you ask your physician before starting them.
I find they keep me feeling flexible and good; it's very basic, but it works.
Good luck with it!

Shirleyw Thu 02-Jun-22 02:56:43

I hadn’t heard of the Canadian Air Force fitness routine till nurse crane said she does them on call the midwife ?

giulia Thu 02-Jun-22 19:39:58


Helen Mirren does them at 76.

Well now, that IS an inspiration! Thanks.

tradermt5 Fri 10-Jun-22 00:22:14

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Ashcombe Fri 10-Jun-22 06:36:36