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Bussy Fri 07-Apr-23 14:47:13

I need advice please. I’m trying to lose some weight over the next couple of months as I have developed a really fatty tummy. I carry a lot of fluid as I suffer from chronic pain due to medical condition and lots of meds and I really need input from anyone who can help and advise me on what works. It’s getting me down.

Whiff Sat 08-Apr-23 10:17:38

Bussy if you lose weight you will lose some of your tummy but you will always have a flabby tummy . The skin will not tighten up especially if you had children or been overweight for decades. I know lost 7st trying to lose the extra stone and bit the last 2 years. Lost 18" round my hips.

Read the pears thread great bunch who will give you support.

I am on medication and have health problems which effect my mobility. But go to sit fit exercise class and we are worked hard. Sitting down to exercise doesn't mean you don't get a good workout.

Hope to see you on the pears .