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Is tai chi enough daily exercise?

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Genevieve489 Sat 22-Apr-23 10:59:25

I'm nearly 77 and I mentioned in an earlier post that I've re-learned Yang 24 tai chi at home and try to do about 30 minutes daily. I'm wondering, though, if this is enough exercise and should I add a more aerobic exercise or yoga to the mix, even though I'm active around the house. I've got a Wi Fit Sport and also a yoga DVD for seniors, so it would be no trouble to do more at home. What do you think? Is tai chi and day to day activity enough? I'm concerned about improving my balance and flexibility particularly.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 22-Apr-23 11:04:26

Cheapest, best for mental health and aerobic is walking. I am also 77 and walk every day.

tanith Sat 22-Apr-23 11:16:10

I walk every day too i think adding a walk to your day will only bring further benefit.

Genevieve489 Sat 22-Apr-23 11:22:56

Thank you for your replies. That's a good idea.

dogsmother Sat 22-Apr-23 11:36:21

I concur. Walking is fabulous, but anything that strengthens and aids balance also is not to be underestimated.

mumofmadboys Sat 22-Apr-23 11:59:40

I am younger - mid 60s. I try to walk a minimum of five miles a day. I feel better for it. I like walking with DH or a friend but I also enjoy walking by myself.Gives me thinking time!

HettyBetty Sat 22-Apr-23 12:17:14

Another vote for walking. It does amazing things to your body and is one of the best possible forms of exercise you can do.

Start small and see if you can work up to at least three miles a day.

M0nica Sat 22-Apr-23 14:33:03

The other advantage of walking is getting out into he fresh air, getting away from home and seeing another environment.

I am 80 this year. I walk regularly and do 20 minutes Tai Chi daily plus a weekly class.

Norah Sat 22-Apr-23 18:57:38


Cheapest, best for mental health and aerobic is walking. I am also 77 and walk every day.


We walk dogs 8-12 miles a day (4 poo walks).

They need exercise and we receive all the benefits.

M0nica Sat 22-Apr-23 19:02:46

The thing Tai Chi does that walking doesn't is that it keeps you supple, and aids balance. It exercises all your muscles.

Genevieve489 Sat 22-Apr-23 20:57:22

I think you've convinced me! Thank you everybody.

Ziplok Tue 25-Apr-23 10:57:13

Pilates is another one to try, very good for your core and strengthening muscles & balance.

ainywaya Wed 31-May-23 08:54:17

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Redhead56 Wed 31-May-23 10:05:02

I have been looking into Tai Chi on line and locally but will make more effort to get involved. I did Yoga but after a while decided it wasn’t much benefit for me. I do walk every day with my dog and rarely sit for long I keep busy in the house and garden. I have osteoarthritis in several joints I have to keep active or my joints seize up. I decided any additional activity I can do to alleviate the pain I will try.

Morfitt Tue 13-Jun-23 16:38:13

I think it's important not to pish your body too much, I think it's a good workout technique

Judy54 Tue 13-Jun-23 16:45:35

I am a great advocate of Tai Chi and do a weekly class. Any
form of exercise is good including walking, yoga and Pilates. Just find something that you feel comfortable with and that you enjoy.

AreWeThereYet Tue 13-Jun-23 19:13:29

Resistance exercises are a very good thing to do to strengthen muscles as we age. There are exercises like wall leaning where you push against your body weight to strengthen your arm muscles, and others to strengthen your legs and back. Lots of physios on YouTube showing how to do this.

Walking is great for load bearing to strengthen bones, as well as general and mental fitness. Doesn't have to be fast walking or huge distances, just consistent. Join a local walking group for older people?

Tai Chi, yoga or pilates great for flexibility and suppleness.

AreWeThereYet Tue 13-Jun-23 19:26:34

I did Yoga but after a while decided it wasn’t much benefit for me

So sorry this is a bit long.

I started yoga after an accident that left me unable to walk properly. I got back the ability to walk but because of the imbalance in the muscles in my legs and back I lost my balance quite frequently and fell over - quite embarrassing at times 🤣 Anyway, a physio suggested I tried yoga and as there was a lunchtime class near where I worked I went there three times a week. It never felt like anything was changing and I hated it because I felt like I couldn't do anything much. I'd been going for over 3 months when one day a lady I saw there quite often came over and said to me 'I'm so impressed with how well you are doing. I remember when you started you couldn't balance on that right leg and now look how straight you are.' I was a bit shocked - the changes are so slight that you don't notice them happening but thinking about it I realised that I no longer fell over and I could walk for longer distances before my back started to hurt. It took a while before I could walk properly again (and I did a lot more than yoga) but my point is that lots of small changes all add up to make a big change and we sometimes don't realise how much better we are until someone reminds us.

karmalady Tue 13-Jun-23 19:30:42

I like to do some aerobic exercise, perhaps three times a week, to keep my heart and lungs in good condition. I cycle (up hills) when the weather is nice and use my hydraulic stepper when I don`t get out. A bellicon rebounder is handy all through winter, both for aerobic and impact exercise

I do lift things a lot but have various bands handy to help keep my muscles strong. 75 year old

I would also do pilates, if there was a handy class

jamielion Sat 29-Jul-23 23:46:16

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Sparklefizz Sun 30-Jul-23 07:57:38

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Rosiebee Mon 31-Jul-23 13:38:41

Can anyone recommend an on line source for Tai Chi? I've been looking on YouTube but there are so many, I wouldn't know where to start. The only class locally is on a day when I'm engaged elsewhere. Or if there is a DVD that anyone has used? Thanks for any help.

Latachaudhary Mon 09-Oct-23 12:05:24

Tai Chi offers numerous health benefits, but it may not be enough as the sole form of daily exercise for everyone, especially if you have specific fitness goals requiring other activities.

NotSpaghetti Mon 09-Oct-23 12:09:45

Redhead56 I swim. I love that the water takes the weight. I get exercise with less strain.
Sometimes I sit in the steam room too for a while which is lovely.
Mostly I don't - but if particularly achey it's great.