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Brigidsdaughter Sun 14-May-23 16:56:56

Is anyone here in the Zoe programme? If yes, what stage are you at and how are you finding it?
I'm about 4-5 weeks in. It's not easy but rewarding though too early to feel the long term benefits.
My diversity is poor and that's a bit of a slog but anything really worthwhile is a serious commitment

tickingbird Sun 14-May-23 17:43:28

I’m on it. Had results a few days ago and 4 days in now. There is another thread on this too. Hopefully I can stick with it.

Blossoming Sun 14-May-23 17:47:18

I didn’t know it was available in the UK yet. I won’t be trying it at £300:for the test kit upfront and £25 per month ongoing.

tickingbird Sun 14-May-23 21:11:40

It’s only £25 per month if you pay for a year upfront on top of the £299 for the test kit. It’s £40 pm for 4 months or £60 for monthly payments. It isn’t cheap and although they get back to you quickly via the app when you’re in the testing stage, they are pretty slow once the programme starts. I’ve been waiting 4 days for a coach to respond to my query!

BlueBelle Sun 14-May-23 21:27:00

Wow what do you get for that money ?

tickingbird Mon 15-May-23 06:59:14

It is expensive but seems very thorough. The initial £299 is for the tests. This involves a glucose monitor which is ‘connected’ to them, eating the supplied muffins for breakfast and lunch on first day then doing a blood test at a set time. Also a poo test, which is made easier with everything supplied in order for the minimum of fuss! After these have been analysed (few weeks) a very comprehensive set of results are issued. After this the monthly plan begins, which involves an app in conjunction with your test results. I now now my blood sugar response is poor and my blood fat is bad. My gut microbiology is ok compared to a high percentage of the population. Food scores are personalised so I know what to eat. Not everything we think of as good is for everyone and conversely with food we think of as bad.

I’m only a few days in so can’t say what, if any, impact it’s having but reviews are mostly good.