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Will i get loose skin if I lose 5 stone?

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Newbeginnings Sat 02-Dec-23 20:08:46

aged 60,am apple shaped with large stomach and need to lose 5 stone. Just concerned i will be left with baggy skin. any diet recommendations welcome.

NanKate Sat 02-Dec-23 20:26:43

Please come and join us on the ‘I’m a pear’ thread. Lots of friendly people with help and advice on your losing journey. See you there.

Newbeginnings Sat 02-Dec-23 20:41:15

Many thanks NanKate. will take a look at recommended thread.

Whiff Sat 02-Dec-23 22:36:29

Newbeginnings as NanKate says we are a friendly bunch she made it so for us .
I lost 7st and have saggy baggy skin. Will always have big thighs. Just not as big as before. But I don't care about my baggy body as I went from a size 32 to 16 but I did it slowly.

I hate these so called stars who loss 5st or more and make out the skin magically shrinks and they have toned bodies. They have had surgery to remove the skin.

Lisa Riley is the only star who told the truth about her massive weight loss and the infections she had after having the skin removed.

The pears will support you but remember it's a marathon not a sprint . Please don't try faddy diets they don't work . I was over 19st for decades tried them all.

See you on the pears thread. 🍐

RosiesMaw Sat 02-Dec-23 23:20:47


Sm63 Sat 02-Dec-23 23:37:48

Find out about fasting.Jason Fung on YouTube...long fasts can actually help with sagging skin apparently. Check him out he explains better than I can!

Whiff Mon 04-Dec-23 20:47:27

Sm63 long fasts can damage your health. And also if you have 5 st or more to lose you will get sagging skin. I know I have lost 7st.

And telling a 60 year old about long fasting is irresponsible.

Fethiye53 Thu 07-Dec-23 17:24:25

Resistance training is the best. Im 70. I go to the gym twice a week. It takes longer to recover when older. Calorie controlled does work. I do a 2 day body split on the machines. Upper bod one day lower bod day 2. . My strength and mobility and flexibility has improved dramatically. People say they dont believe Im 70. No muscle bulk I assure you. I also use kettlebells at home mid week. Get a stationary bike. If you just diet you will lose muscle. Sarcopenia starts at 30 and gets worse as you age. I still have a menobelly but thats slowly going. I dont recommend fasting as one gets older. Just get moving first. Too many restrictions you will give up. Just my take on it.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 07-Dec-23 17:31:41

I don’t see how you can avoid sagging skin if you lose so much weight - but isn’t improved health more important?

Galaxy Thu 07-Dec-23 17:35:39

I have just lost 3 stone and I havent got excess skin but I cant tell you why that is the case. I cant express how much better I feel.
I am afraid my recomendations are very boring, count calories, make sure eat lots of protein, oh and dont set calorie target too low or you wont stick to it.

Ohmygoodness54 Thu 07-Dec-23 19:29:36

After being on an enforced no to very low fat diet whilst waiting for gallbladder surgery, for about 18 months. (operation now done thank goodness), I have lost 6 stone, gone from size 22 to 12! Feel so much better in many ways but yes, there is saggy skin! Never was one to show my arms anyway, so sticking with long sleeves. The rest can be hidden away in clothes. I'm happy to accept the sagginess for the difference in my health and mobility. Feel 10 years younger 😂

CaroleAnne Thu 07-Dec-23 22:03:17

How do I get onto the I'm a pair shape thread?

Whiff Sat 09-Dec-23 04:58:31

CaroleAnne the pears thread is under this one. Just post what you want to say we are a friendly bunch and no judgements, you don't need to it your weight it's not a slimming club just a bunch of us that have lost and still trying to lose weight..

NanKate made it a fun place to be . We don't just talk about weight. Hope to see you there.

MrsKen33 Sat 09-Dec-23 07:05:00

I lost 2 and a half stone quite quickly. my skin , especially on my arm is a little crepey, but not saggy. Lots of moisturiser makes it look better.

Sallywally1 Sun 24-Dec-23 18:00:55

I’ve lost five stone over 18 months but my tummy is awful, crepey and still too fat, so I’m keeping going. I swim and do sit ups and apply firming cream! It makes me despair! But I’m glad I lost the weight.

Whiff Sun 24-Dec-23 20:57:09

Sallywally embrace your tummy and crepey skin. No amount of firming cream will tighten it up. The only way to get a tight tummy is to have the excess skin cut off.

Losing 5st is a brilliant achievement. But you will make yourself miserable if you don't come to terms with bits you don't like.

My bum is baggy , my tummy is saggy , my thighs wobble and if I flapped hard enough I am sure my bat wings would take off. But so what. I am not longer over 19st and a size 32 but a size 16 even my feet go to narrower.

Please stop focusing on the negative. Look at all the positives your weight loss has given you. And be happy in your new skin.

Look how fit you have become . And all the clothes you can wear . Embrace bold patterns and colours. And enjoy the new you.

If you just focus on the negative you will miss a lot of wonderful things about the new you.

Join us on the pears thread. And we will help you be a happy you. And be proud of what you have done.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Nansnet Wed 03-Jan-24 09:58:29


I don’t see how you can avoid sagging skin if you lose so much weight - but isn’t improved health more important?

Just that, really.

For far too many years, I've focussed on how my body looks, and never really been happy with it. Even when I look back on my teens & twenties, when I was slim, I thought I was overweight and I was never happy.

Now, for me, it's far more important to lose the weight to become healthier. I no longer care about the sagging skin.

I've just posted on 'The Pears' thread, and hopefully I'll feel encouraged and motivated to get my excess baggage gone!smile

BigBertha1 Wed 03-Jan-24 10:07:02

Newbeginnings hello I am also on a weight loss journey which I have been doing for a few years in fits and starts. I hoping to be on the last bit. Slimming World works for me but I do question a few of their premises and change things a bit which you are not supposed to do but I do. I still believe a calorie is a calorie so for example if I want to have M & S soups for my lunch I do-- not strictly SW.
There was a very interesting progamme on Channel 5 last night exploding the dieting myths I would have a look at that if you haven't already seen it as it answers most questions. I have to say they don't address the issue of lose skin but they do talk about exercise a essential but very specifically. I do wish you luck in your weight loss journey but please have a look at the advice.

jeanie99 Mon 04-Mar-24 00:50:36

My husband as lost 3 stone, not by dieting just by growing older and he has loose skin round his waist.
He is very fit and works out at least 5 mornings a week which include weights and sit up and none of that as made any difference to the loose skin.

pascal30 Mon 04-Mar-24 10:03:25

I expect you will have saggy skin but you'll probablyalso have so much more energy.. that is invaluable in later life

silverlining48 Mon 04-Mar-24 12:42:10

I heard it said that if you wait til menopause to lose weight skin doesn’t ‘ ‘spring back’. However losing the weight is well worth it.

Kim19 Mon 04-Mar-24 17:49:24

I lost 4 stones over a year. 1lb a week was my target with no prohibitions but slightly less of absolutely everything being consumed. Worked a treat. Told no one of my plan which meant it never came up as conversation topic. Reduction so gradual no one noticed either. Great. Have ended up with somewhat crepey upper arms but nowhere else. This was eleven years ago and I haven't put any of it back on. Yippee!

silverlining48 Tue 05-Mar-24 08:43:07

Well done Kim. That’s brilliant .
I lost half of that and kept it off for over 10 years but it’s creeping up so need to keep focused.