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Missfoodlove Thu 24-Sep-20 22:33:48

I’m starting to pile on the pounds as I have had 6 months away from the gym.
I have had a week of 16/8 and feel great, no hunger pangs and eating much less.
Has anyone else tried this with success?

V3ra Thu 24-Sep-20 23:48:55

Yes I did over the summer, when I realised I couldn't fit in some of my pre-lockdown clothes!
I found it surprisingly easy to follow and very effective.
I downloaded an app for my phone which was useful, and joined a Facebook group which was really friendly and supportive (though I didn't post, just read).

Doodledog Fri 25-Sep-20 03:19:14

Would you mind sharing the name of the app and FB group, please?

Any other tips for doing this would be much appreciated, as I have piled on the pounds over lockdown (well, I say pounds, but nearer two stones, to be honest blush. What do you eat in the eight hours? Are carbs forbidden?

Alima Fri 25-Sep-20 05:43:27

Yes, I started that pattern of eating in January, initially doing the Fast 800 diet at the same time. Worked a treat, felt so much better and lost loads of weight. Good luck Missfoodlove.

fevertree Fri 25-Sep-20 07:58:05

I've lost 7 lockdown lbs (in just over a week) using the Fast800 recipe book, it is dead easy because of the way the book is organised. The meals are delicious, with adjustments for 'non-800 days'. Last night we had baked camembert topped with walnuts and honey, fresh pears and chicory.

V3ra Fri 25-Sep-20 10:48:51

Doodledog the app is called BodyFast, it's a green square with a white broken circle inside.
The Facebook group is linked to it and is called Intermittent Fasting with the BodyFast app.
The app has some features you have to pay for but I didn't get into that, I just used the free features.

BBbevan Fri 25-Sep-20 11:17:38

Along with a low carb diet, I have been doing 16:8 for about 5 years now. Find it very easy.

Jane10 Fri 25-Sep-20 11:38:27

I did the 16:8 for a while and found it very straight forward. Other firma of diet just make me obsessed with food: counting calories, wondering what I'm 'allowed'.
I stopped it on lockdown as I really enjoy breakfast and life was hard enough without the little things like a bit of toast in the morning. I do plan to go back to 16:8 after our forthcoming (I hope!) mini break.
I should say that, irritatingly, DH just melted away the fat on the 16:8.

Jane10 Fri 25-Sep-20 11:38:55

Firma = forms!

Doodledog Fri 25-Sep-20 12:26:30

Thank you V3ra.

I have downloaded the app and asked to join the FB group.

PamelaJ1 Fri 25-Sep-20 14:22:44


I've lost 7 lockdown lbs (in just over a week) using the Fast800 recipe book, it is dead easy because of the way the book is organised. The meals are delicious, with adjustments for 'non-800 days'. Last night we had baked camembert topped with walnuts and honey, fresh pears and chicory.

That’s amazing fevertree 7x3500 cals. How much were you eating before😂

MerylStreep Fri 25-Sep-20 14:49:49

I didn't know what the 16/8 diet was. Now know I've been on it most of my adult life. Very rarely eat after 7o/clock. Never have breakfast. Start to feel a bit hungry about 11.30 the next day.

V3ra Fri 25-Sep-20 17:58:58

MerylStreep yes I found I only needed a few tweaks to my normal preferred eating pattern.
Reading up about the benefits of the fasting hours on the body was very interesting.
All I really had to make a conscious effort with was drinking more, I decided on black coffee and sparkling water.

fevertree Fri 25-Sep-20 18:06:44

PamelaJ oops, don't know what I did there, trying to convert from kgs to stone to lbs ... anyway I've lost 1 kg plus.

I was eating from morning until night before! grin

Jane10 Fri 25-Sep-20 20:06:27

I did plateau when doing 16:8. Will try to avoid that if poss but I think my genes might be against me. I seem to have acquired the body shape and size of my grandmother and great aunt! My mother was an avid smoker so was thinner.

Nannan2 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:00:32

Same here Merylstreep!grinid never heard of this 'diet' but it sounds like my usual way of living! (However, was told by a clinic nurse its wrong thing to do as body puts itself into 'starvation mode' so that creates more calories in long run- something to do with cortisol i think?) But if you can't face food earlier in day it can't be not going to force myself to..if im a bit peckish i will eat something.if not im not going to.Cant say ive lost hardly any weight though lately.So maybe clinic nurse was right?hmm

mistymitts Sat 26-Sep-20 10:03:03

Isn't this similar to the 5/2 diet?

Petalpop Sat 26-Sep-20 10:11:17

Never heard of the 16/8 but started the 5/2 a few, years back. I lost a stone and have not put it back on. I have stopped the 5/2 as I have found it changed my eating habits and now I never eat every last crumb on the plate and am full more quickly. Have breakfast and evening meal and that is it. Anything that can change your habits is good. I am not a Saint so a chocolate hobnob is my go to favourite when I feel the need.

Nanachoochoo Sat 26-Sep-20 10:11:22

I have been doing the 16/8 diet for a few years, mostly because I don't feel hungry in the mornings. But the pounds crept on during early lockdown, as I was indulging myself at night both with luscious meals and wine. I am now also following the 5:2 diet, and have lost over a stone. For the five days I eat/drink as before. On Mondays and Fridays I restrict myself to three diet replacement meals which are completely balanced nutritionally. No alcohol on those days. I can honestly say that I find it quite easy. Knowing that I can eat what I want the next day is comforting, and if I feel a little hungry at night encourages me not to pick. I feel so much fitter and have dropped a dress size. Worked for me, I now have a normal BMI and am considering changing to 6:1.

4allweknow Sat 26-Sep-20 10:19:34

I have always viewed weight loss like thermal dynamics. What you put in produces energy ie what you eat is either used up by your body or stores itself as fat. Eating less energywise automatically produces less energy - less fat. Its what and how much you eat that makes you fat. Exercise, but a lot if it, does use up fat. All of us who are overweight know what we are doing wrong but look for other avenues to blame. Lockdown has enabled people to exercise but if you are a gym fanatic that isn't really to maintain a healthy weight, its probably to produce a certain physique.

PipandFinn Sat 26-Sep-20 10:30:50

I started the 16/8 'diet' at the beginning of the year and I've now lost 2 stone. I've never been a great fan of breakfast and find it very easy to not snack after dinner, so this plan was made for me. I'm also very careful with carbs and sugar (which is a bit more difficult) but I feel much healthier for it....

spudsmema Sat 26-Sep-20 10:31:02

I've lost 21 lbs (since March) on Zero app (16:8) it's free and I've found it really easy and not been hungry and now also have much smaller portions. Just tackling my last 7lbs (target before Christmas) and I'll be back to my pre-menopause weight.

Jillybird Sat 26-Sep-20 10:47:41

This is all very interesting. I've never really had to diet before when I was workkng but found myself in retirement enjoying cooking and eating more. In lockdown it's been worse, so the stone I was ignoring has now become two!
I'm slightly worried at all the mentions of cutting breakfast - I rely on my porridge, banana and prunes for gut health but still about to investigate your recommendations. Thanks all!

Lancslass1 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:59:09

Jillybird, as I see it you don't have to miss breakfast
It would seem that I have almost been doing this 16/8 diet since I retired without knowing it.
I have muesli at about 8:30am and have finished the evening meal by about 6:30 pm so more of a 14/10 diet I suppose.
I wouldn't like to go without breakfast.
We were always told that it was the most important meal of the day.

Jane10 Sat 26-Sep-20 11:07:33

I read that 15:9 suits females better.
I tried 5:2 but found that made me fixate on what I was 'allowed' on the 2 days and made up for it on the 5 days.
Re comments on 'starvation mode'. That has been disproved. Giving the system time to fully digest then recover has been found to be better for us. As animals we were never mean to eat off and on all day.