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Jackthelad Fri 03-Jul-20 10:29:48

I have a question that one or more of you might be able to answer. Yes we all love a bargain, but why do you shun the high street and buy on line. There is an old saying. Don't buy a pig in a poke. The answer is you were sold a piglet in sack, but when the money had changed hands and the sack opened the cat was let out of the bag. Cost saving might be the answer, but what about quality and value for money. I like to see exactly what I spending my hard earned cash on in reality; not a picture or description complete with sales blurb. I am told you do a tour of the first, but buy online. Where do you when all the shops have gone

FlexibleFriend Wed 25-Nov-20 13:34:59

I'm disabled so online shopping is my lifeline. Not a great fan of shops and find customer service has in the main disappeared. I recently had to source everything for a high end bathroom refit and traipsing round the shops would have been exhausting doing it online saved me a fortune and made it all so easy. I just had one brief visit to a tile shop and everything was sorted. Actually the customer service in the tile shop was above and beyond, my wheelchair brings some benefits after all. Personally I wouldn't miss shops if they all closed down.

BlueBelle Thu 26-Nov-20 06:01:06

I notice * jackthelad* has disappeared

Savvy Fri 19-Mar-21 04:11:38

I'm disabled so find outside shopping very difficult. I don't drive, can't use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, so I have to rely on my walking stick to stop me falling over. Even then I can only walk a few paces before the pain kicks in. I can't carry much either as my stick is in my stronger hand and my other is too weak and wrapped in a brace.

I have a rare bone disease which means I have spurs growing into my muscles and tendons, and putting pressure on my nerves and blood vessels.

So online shopping is a must for me and it's very rare that I can't find everything I need.

Sara1954 Fri 19-Mar-21 08:01:50

I think that over the years I’ve come to know what to expect from the retailers I use, and if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, it goes straight back.
I will never use Amazon, if I can’t buy it anywhere else, I go without.

nanna8 Fri 19-Mar-21 08:14:59

I buy in shops and online,too. I like getting parcels, simple as that. Saving money helps, too. I agree about Amazon, though, dreadful.

Mollygo Fri 19-Mar-21 08:22:28

I like shopping in ‘real’ shops when I can and I still shop for groceries that way, not just because I could never get a delivery slot.
Online is the only thing available for quite a lot of things, e.g. I’d never make it to a physical Seasalt shop because of distance.
Sometimes, Amazon is the only way to get things. I tried Screwfix, B&Q, the local plumbing shop etc. to get a new insert of a particular size to fit my tap with no luck. Amazon gave me a choice of several suppliers and next day delivery.
Before online shopping we’d never have known about many shops.

Antonia Fri 19-Mar-21 08:47:27

I have only used Amazon Prime since the first lockdown. Next day delivery and they always have what I want. Why would I want to go shopping? In any case, most shops are shut.

kathrynbrown Fri 22-Jul-22 08:40:36

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FannyCornforth Fri 22-Jul-22 08:41:43


henetha Fri 22-Jul-22 09:51:12

"Each to his own" Jackthelad. I try to do a mixture of both.
I particularly try to support my local small shops.
But there are times when online is best. When you can't find an item locally without endless plodding around, etc.
At almost 85 and with a chronic back condition, buying online is very often the best way for me.

GagaJo Fri 22-Jul-22 09:53:57

Lack of public transport. Cost of parking. Higher costs in physical shops. Put them altogether, and shopping in person is just not as convenient or cost effective.

toscalily Fri 22-Jul-22 11:31:45

This thread is over two years old.

MrsKen33 Fri 22-Jul-22 12:15:51

Went to Boots yesterday for 2 specific things. Neither were in stock. So ordered on their website. Free delivery. That’s why I buy online