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Iceland (the shop, not the country!) food voucher offer

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Candelle Wed 31-Aug-22 19:08:13

I came across this and it should be self-explanatory but apologies if it has been raised elsewhere (I couldn't see that it had).

Iceland are offering £30 food vouchers but one has to fulfil certain criteria. Still, it may be worth a look for some Grans Neters.

This was taken from Money Saving Expert.

I hope someone can benefit. Good luck!

'Iceland has secured a further £1 million in funding to provide another 40,000 £30 food vouchers to certain pensioners struggling with the cost of living. The window to apply is already open and will close on Friday 16 September, so get in now if you can.
The campaign first launched earlier this month, with Iceland providing an initial 40,000 £30 food vouchers to struggling pensioners. But on 24 August 2022, the supermarket announced it had secured a further £1 million for another 40,000 vouchers.

Below we explain who qualifies and how to get the voucher. You can also see our Supermarket shopping tips guide for handy hints on how to cut your food bill.

Here's who qualifies for the voucher
To qualify for the £30 voucher, you must be of state pension age, live independently (but not necessarily alone) or with a carer, and rely solely on your state pension or other benefits for food and essentials. You can get more than one voucher per household, for example, if you're in a couple.

You must also live in:

Greater Manchester
Lambeth (London)
North Wales
West Midlands
We've asked Iceland if you need to provide proof of your state pension and/or benefits status, and your address. We'll update this story when we know more.

You need to call to apply for a voucher
You can apply for the voucher by calling the free 'Cheer hotline' on 0800 098 7877 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Iceland has warned that it's currently receiving a large volume of calls, but if you use the call back function you should receive a return call by the end of the day.

Once you've successfully applied, your voucher will arrive by post within seven days. A paper voucher is the only way to get your £30, it will not be sent by bank transfer or cheque and cannot be picked up in store.

Go quick if you want a voucher as they're being snapped up
The application deadline is still Friday 16 September, but if you qualify, you should apply NOW. The first lot of vouchers were snapped up very quickly.

It's one voucher per person, so you can't reapply if you've already received one.

Vouchers can be spent in 269 Iceland stores across the UK
You can spend your voucher in 269 Iceland stores across the UK, though bear in mind this is only around a quarter of Iceland shops. Use Iceland's store locator tool to check for your nearest participating outlet.

Vouchers can be used on food and household items, though not on alcohol and tobacco. You can use your voucher across more than one transaction, so if your shop does not reach £30, you can partially spend the voucher and save the rest for another time. Just take your voucher to the till and the cashier will scan it as they would do with a normal gift card.

You can also use your voucher in conjunction with Iceland's 10% discount for pensioners, which it runs every Tuesday.

ALL vouchers will expire at 11.59pm on 31 December 2022.

How the scheme is funded
Iceland has partnered with the Rothesay Foundation, which helps support charities to provide better care for older people, to fund the scheme. The Rothesay Foundation has now provided £2 million to pay for 80,000 vouchers nationwide.

The supermarket first trialled the concept in December 2021 in Lambeth, south London, before rolling it out UK-wide from 1 August 2022.'

icanhandthemback Wed 31-Aug-22 19:17:33

It seems divisive only including certain areas. We may live in a richer part of the UK but we still have struggling pensioners.

Grannynannywanny Wed 31-Aug-22 19:21:32

Thank you for sharing that Candelle.

LilyoftheValley Wed 31-Aug-22 19:22:38

I agree. I live in a fairly affluent area in the South but lots of pensioners are struggling. Post code lottery?

BlueBelle Wed 31-Aug-22 19:31:05

Well I live in a so called deprived area and my county s not on there

Jaxjacky Wed 31-Aug-22 19:48:20

Well done Iceland, at least they’re doing something and the Tuesday discount for pensioners, I don’t see anyone else offering anything.

grannydarkhair Wed 31-Aug-22 23:42:02

Well done Iceland, but it’s not “UK wide” as advertised which seems very unfair. I know that many pensioners in Dundee shop at Iceland.