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"Understanding Autism" - free FutureLearn online course

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Grannyknot Mon 09-Apr-18 08:03:42

In case it's useful for people on here - there's an interesting course on autism on FutureLearn - just starting the second week:

Marydoll Mon 09-Apr-18 08:58:47

Grannyknot, thank you for the link.
I had never heard of FutureLearn. I wish I had known about it when I was still teaching, as I was very much involved in working with pupils on the autistic spectrum.
I'm going to have a look at what courses are available.

Grannyknot Mon 09-Apr-18 09:18:09

Marydoll FutureLearn is just fabulous. Endless opportunities for learning from Universities all over the world.

So many different subjects - I recently did a very interesting one on Forensic Facial Reconstruction.

silverlining48 Mon 09-Apr-18 09:23:22

I hadn’t heard of future learn either, but will look into this too. Assume it’s online?

ffinnochio Mon 09-Apr-18 09:39:36

Thanks for the link Gk. Will take a closer look for what’s on offer when settled. No fixed abode at present!

Squiffy Mon 09-Apr-18 10:31:35

Future Learn is a fantastic resource. The Autism course is pitched at just the right level for a good, general understanding of the issues experienced and how to cope with life as, or with, someone who is autistic.

Gk Forensic Facial Reconstruction. that was a great course, wasn't it? I also did the Forensic Psychology one, which focused on eye witness accounts. Again, very interesting!

Grannyknot Mon 09-Apr-18 11:02:18

Squiffy I loved the Forensic Facial Reconstruction. I posted about this book by Ted Botha on that course, have a look it, was incredibly fascinating (very detailed though). It's about Frank Bender one of the founders of the art/science of forensic facial reconstruction, a heartbreaking true story about "The Girl With the Crooked Nose":

Squiffy Mon 09-Apr-18 11:27:33

Thanks Gk!

ninathenana Mon 09-Apr-18 11:32:35

I've just shared the link with someone who has a 7 y.o.DD on the spectrum and also runs a nursery.
Thanks Grannyknot

Jane10 Mon 09-Apr-18 11:37:50

There are all sorts of learning resources re ASD. This is only one of them. From an education point of view the Autism Toolbox is a fantastic resource for teachers (and parents). Always remember of course that children with ASD become adults with ASD!!