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Books for very young children with autism

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Digital Marketing

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Wasted school time

161 Lilypops

Studying Maths

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Year 6 and 11 Induction Days and Proms all cancelled

97 Callistemon

WEA South West Online Women's Group

10 ElderlyPerson

Colston's School, Bristol - rainbow themed insults to gay people

37 25Avalon

What happened about 2020 summer degree examinations?

6 Sarnia

Schooling after lock down

22 VikiMorris

Spanish on line course

7 Warele

Govt catch up plan

53 JaneJudge

Ofsted tell schools to keep exam years pupils in school

21 Chardy

Where were all the special needs students when we were at school?

167 Fennel

Grammar Schools...... would you like to see a return?

309 Sara1954

Summer School Catch-up. How? Where?

12 tomy

How could the state education system improve?

55 Callistemon

Anyone worked for the Open University?

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The benefits of lifelong learning

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Oct/November exam series

6 Lucca

Home Schooling

28 annodomini

GS choosing his options for GCSEs

4 Tangerine

Home Schooling - are you for or against?

121 Mollygo

Teachers should be prepared to ‘sacrifice their lives’, says ex-Ofsted head

34 mokryna

GCSE's and A levels

26 growstuff

* International Women's Day*

1 WendyLC

Homeschooling better than going into school currently.

31 NotSpaghetti

Appropriate work experience being still insisted on!!

16 Franbern

Free home schooling resources

4 Suze53

Granny advice needed

65 icanhandthemback

Remote learning with 6 year old grandchild

8 Granny2mice


165 Marydoll

Online learning for year one

14 annodomini

Any ideas for times table practice via video?

6 MamaCaz

Has the DofE taken leave of their senses.......

44 Ellianne

Elocution lesssons in the seventies. Did you?

76 kathsue

No exams in Wales

23 Lucca

White men won't teach (play on the movie title, White Men Can't Jump).

49 Razzy

Advice needed - grandson struggling to read at end Year 1

65 M0nica

Grandson still getting no education

23 Hithere

Classism and accent prejudice in our universities

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Scylla and Charybdis

142 grumppa

Primary School who provide resources

10 jacobryan

Outdoor educational trips

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11 MawB2

Secondary school choices in London

9 welbeck

Here’s one for the teachers

12 52bright

Tutoring help too late

53 trisher

In praise of teachers

9 Urmstongran

Helping one of my students

1 DawnL

Pupils have become less anxious during lockdown school closure

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