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Learning languages with Duolingo

152 StarDreamer

Did you fail your 11+ exam?

197 FlexibleFriend

Have any of you done any structured learning recently.

37 Chardy

Children holidaying in term time.

48 biglouis

What are the best tips for essay writing?

68 wildswan16

Nero-divergent teenage grandson being bullied

61 Doodle

Expensive school trips and cost of living crisis

27 Grandma70s

GD disappointing exam results

73 GreenGran78

Extra help for GGD in school

20 Madmeg

The benefits of lifelong learning

41 Shandy57

Covid Guidelines

14 MayBee70

What happened about 2020 summer degree examinations?

11 MawtheMerrier

Social Engineering........

53 Luckygirl3

Teaching English to Ukrainians

20 Chapeau

Give me a child until he is 7 . . .

67 Doodledog

Summer School Catch-up. How? Where?

13 Finch020

You Are Never Too Old To Learn

48 Franklin44

Anyone remember learning to read with ITA ?

50 Grandma70s

School uniforms - for or against?

134 MissAdventure

So is the idea now that the state just provides for skills in reading, writing and arithmetic for free?

134 JaneJudge

Children not ready to start school aged 4

252 Mollygo

School activities - world books day

19 LullyDully

Teenage yawning

14 grandtanteJE65

Give them a break !

59 trisher

Teachers totally unable to do their jobs properly

57 nanna8


13 Timothylee495

Home Schooling - are you for or against?

127 nanna8

Provision of proper, safe, ventitlators in classrooms.

18 Chardy

*Need to know - Confusion in over 60s*

49 Teacheranne

Grammar Schools...... would you like to see a return?

333 JosephJericho

Free online courses for everyone!

39 agnurse

Children in nursery and even KS1 still in nappies!

56 welbeck

Wondering whether to move grandson from his school.

59 Dinahmo

Tackling absenteeism

9 JaneJudge

Reintroducing SATS for KS3 / removing cap on teaching hours

21 Mollygo

listes fourniture scolaire

8 Josianne

A long but fascinating article

47 Caleo

Books for very young children with autism

9 CafeAuLait

Wasted school time

161 Lilypops

Studying Maths

40 Juliet27

Year 6 and 11 Induction Days and Proms all cancelled

97 Callistemon

WEA South West Online Women's Group

10 ElderlyPerson

Colston's School, Bristol - rainbow themed insults to gay people

37 25Avalon

Schooling after lock down

22 VikiMorris

Spanish on line course

7 Warele

Govt catch up plan

53 JaneJudge

Ofsted tell schools to keep exam years pupils in school

21 Chardy

Where were all the special needs students when we were at school?

167 Fennel

How could the state education system improve?

55 Callistemon

Anyone worked for the Open University?

7 FannyCornforth