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Spanish language holiday in spain

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Rosiefacesagain Mon 30-Dec-19 10:53:54

Hello All,
I am very keen to go on a spanish language learning holiday/school for a near complete beginner. I hear is v good but I can only do 1 week away at present. I am a very spritely but slightly shy senior travelling alone.
Any recommendations gratefully received - Thank you.

Hithere Mon 30-Dec-19 11:45:58

You can start by watching child's cartoons (i recommend pocoyo) and learning the basic words with Rosetta stone.

Hithere Mon 30-Dec-19 11:46:34

Duolingo is a free app very similar to Rosetta.

glammanana Mon 30-Dec-19 12:07:24

Rosiefacesagain Have you thought of enrolling in a Spanish beginners course at your local college or library they usually last about 12 weeks and will give you the basics to start with,then when you are more confident you can arrange your holiday with no problem.

Rosiefacesagain Mon 30-Dec-19 12:26:05

Thank you Hithere I have been using Duolingo for a few months and I’ve found it great for practicing but a little sketchy on grammar.
I will have a look at pocoyo. I have tried some Spanish children’s book but a lot is written in the preterite and I am still trying to make sense of the present tense.

Rosiefacesagain Mon 30-Dec-19 12:30:05

Thanks glammanana I have enrolled on a beginners course and would like to follow that with a spanish intensive learning holiday.

Hithere Mon 30-Dec-19 12:34:23

Pocoyo is good because it is very simple language and ties down very well with the actions of the characters, so you associate concepts with actions without even understanding the language.

You also have the English version of pocoyo if you want to take a point of reference.

I use pocoyo for learning other languages. Plus those cartoons are fun too!

DoraMarr Mon 30-Dec-19 13:11:32

Hi Rosie, a friend of mine has been on courses in Spain run by ESL. They do courses for over 50s, which might suit you.
What an adventure!

Rosiefacesagain Mon 30-Dec-19 13:17:51

Thank you Dora smile

JackyB Mon 30-Dec-19 13:48:26

Well done, Rosie. Learning as much as you can before you go is a very good idea. Lots of luck with it and have a lovely time!

I don't live in the UK so can't make any recommendations. I seem to remember Acorn holidays did this sort of thing.

Also try the Youth Hostel Association. You would then be in a group with like-minded people and meeting them won't be so daunting.

Rosiefacesagain Mon 30-Dec-19 13:53:58

Thank you Jacky and I hope life is treating you well in your part of the world smile

JackyB Mon 30-Dec-19 13:55:13

I have also found by searching:

They offer courses for 50+

Rosiefacesagain Mon 30-Dec-19 18:50:07

That’s really helpful of you - many thanks JackyB.

JackyB Tue 31-Dec-19 21:40:30

I can't say if they're any good, so I am hoping, as you asked in the OP, that people here on Gransnet will have some first-hand experience to tell us about.