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Books for very young children with autism

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Sussexborn Sat 20-Jun-20 11:56:46

Might also help with any children who are too young to comprehend the current situation or just worried in general. There seem to be other series to cover all kinds of eventualities that might worry our young.

lemongrove Sat 20-Jun-20 13:14:47

That’s kind of you, to put the link here, am sure there are many GNers who will find it useful.😃

Sussexborn Sat 20-Jun-20 13:25:35

Interesting books that cover lots of insecurities that might concern little people - includes going to the toilet at nursery/school and various diverse subjects.

shoppinggirl Sat 20-Jun-20 13:38:49

Thank you so much for this. My grandson who's autistic starts school in September and I've just sent this link to his mum.

krisbarkley Mon 03-Aug-20 18:08:50

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