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Finally cut off sister today

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Mebster Sat 19-Oct-19 00:58:58

My sister, 71, is a hoarder and compulsive spender who always took more than her share, to the point of stealing from me and our late mother. I've tried to care for her anyway, visiting during extended illness, sending holiday gifts (no reciprocation). Her kids won't care for her, one completely estranged. Her marriage is failing and she's nearly broke. I'm obviously her "back-up plan," but her refusal to own up to past wrongs has ended it. I wish her luck finding another man (her hope) at age 71, with long suffering husband still in residence.

BradfordLass72 Sat 19-Oct-19 02:04:04

Be strong, there'll be a lot of weedling and persuasions as she gets more desperate for some to pander to her.
She may even apologise and promise to do better.

It won't happen. Time you lived your life in peace without this 'hanger-on'.

If I sound bitter it's because I too have a sister; not a hoarder but a violent thief who broke our mother's heart with her betrayals, cruelty and indifference.

rosecarmel Sat 19-Oct-19 02:23:56

It may be a little late in the game to expect her to own up to past transgressions- Accepting that your tolerance for the "entire" circumstance has reached its limit would be a healthy reason for distancing her - It would be unhealthy to blame her for not being who you want her to be- Doing so will only create or increase feelings of resentment-

Owning up to the situation having become "too much" for you is enough-