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*SUPPORT* for all who are living with estrangement

599 Starlady

Dealing with estrangement - Q&A

100 Starlady

Cut out of the estranged GPs will, dilemma!

146 Starlady

Why you might be estranged... aka the same theme/attitude of EP/EGP's that EAC understand.

816 Smileless2012

Introducing the new stepgrandpa

14 Cabbie21

Estrangement and deep sense of loneliness

21 Smileless2012

Sibling estrangement - how to deal with it

17 Madgran77

Is there anyone here whose estranged adult child re-established contact?

116 Yogagirl

Letter to grandchildren

11 notanan2

Letter to my children (post talks of sexual abuse)

19 Starlady

"My parents did their best" - Really, even though it was emotionally and physically abusive?

196 Starlady

Tea and a chat

28 TerriBull

Struggling Sundays

62 Starlady

Estrangement from the other perspective, what's it like from the 'other' side?

39 Starlady

What else can I do for my daughter to want me in her life

96 Smileless2012

"Yes. I’m talking to you EC." -- Well, I am an Estranged Child and I'm willing to listen...

158 3nanny6

Aftermath of estrangement even when it`s over

12 PetitFromage

How to start reconciliation? (Very long sorry)

98 Starlady

Losing my only grandbaby

11 Starlady

Help!!! with Grandparents rights

15 Iam64

Very distraught and I’m not sure where to go

77 Madgran77

Why are younger people on Gransnet now?

139 DillytheGardener

i need advice

45 Starlady

Best example of how to estrange a partner from family?

54 ananimous

Stunned by daughter’s actions. Advice needed please.

32 albrights

So very hurt.......

26 Starlady

Messages to Grandchildren

38 Granniesunite

AEC thread. Feel free to chat or add helpful resources here.

324 Yennifer

The Honey Bus

1 rosecarmel

Grandchildren, what would you do?

18 Starblaze

Aunt close to my estranged brother and family

11 Smileless2012

Estranged From Grandchildren At Christmas

7 Starlady

New year, new ways to protect yourself

7 SparklyGrandma

I have some questions

63 Starblaze

Do not let estrangement ruin your life.

99 maddyone

Estrangement or alienation?

60 Norah

teenage son just split from pregnant girlfriend

229 Willide1

Update re the younger grandchildren.

19 Granniesunite

Positive experiences of being a grandparent

47 Daisyboots

DH an EAC - my children

34 Sussexborn

Positives after estrangement

79 FlyingFree

Just wanted to let you all know!

101 FlyingFree


55 Smileless2012


17 Hithere

Xmas presents?

275 Starlady

Narcissistic personality disorder

69 Noregrets

A Breakdown of Family Estrangement

171 Hithere


3 Namsnanny

Unbearable sadness- blocked with no reason from 4 GK

83 Namsnanny

I am so distraught I feel like I'm grieving

88 natasha1