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SUPPORT for all living with the pain of estrangement

547 Starblaze

Daughter’s birthday, should I send her a birthday card ?

154 Franbern

AEC thread. Feel free to chat or add helpful resources here.

690 Amelia247

The "abuse cycle" and other things/themes that EAC identify with.

379 HolyHannah

Estrangement from 2 daughters.

5 BibiSarah

Grandsons too old for grandparents now

28 MerylStreep

How can I mediate between my brothers?

21 Shropshirelass

Difficult relationship and estrangement

22 welbeck

I feel lost

19 Purplepixie

Depression and Anxiety

56 Starblaze

Putting up with the unacceptable

90 Alexa


7 Smileless2012


494 Starblaze

Reunited..... but not

33 Chewbacca

Estranged from one, but lost so many others

25 Smileless2012

Is 'No Contact' abuse?

371 Smileless2012

Why do our adult children do this to us?

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12 Sparkling

How to react to racism in newly reconciled daughter?

48 biba70

Inside the mind of an Emotional Child Abuser...

23 Smileless2012

Religion and Estrangement/No Contact.

219 Smileless2012

I promise

34 Smileless2012

Hope For Estranged Grandparents

906 Smileless2012

Estrangement "is perhaps as common as divorce in certain segments of society"

69 rosecarmel

I'm desperate, advice needed please!!!!

20 3nanny6

In need of advice about DIL

103 Naty

Brilliant news for AECs

16 Starblaze

The 'Perception Filter'...

409 Smileless2012

Being apart from the grandchildren

30 agnurse

I find articles like this quite helpful.

53 Ironflower


98 HolyHannah

Frightened I will never see her or overcome this block

252 Smileless2012

Anyone there? Need support!

17 Smileless2012

Dealing with estrangement - Q&A

108 Smileless2012

What else can I do for my daughter to want me in her life

154 Smileless2012

What EP's need to hear from a fellow Estranged Parent.

244 Smileless2012

How do I forget they exist?

209 Smileless2012

The greatest failure.

28 Namsnanny

Cut out of the estranged GPs will, dilemma!

187 Starblaze

Moving on

13 Smileless2012

Covid Has Made Me Realise How Alone We Are Now

6 Alexa

heart is breaking

10 Smileless2012

Coping with not speaking grandchild

15 Smileless2012

Has anyone been reunited with an estranged child

50 Jennyluck

Same old formula.

28 Mebster

Sibling estrangement - how to deal with it

18 Mebster

Do I tell my estranged sisters?

21 Mebster

Healing from an unhappy childhood

20 rosecarmel

Why dont adult grandchildren find their estranged grandparents?

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51 FarNorth