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Friendship,advice and support if estrangement has affected your life.

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Daughter Detox ~ Recovering from an Unloving Mother

337 VioletSky

I really think I would have made a good grandfather.

66 PoppyBlue

6 sources of tension between adult children and parents

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Friendship,advice and support if estrangement has affected your life.

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Mum and Dad relationship

235 DiamondLily

Things to avoid saying to an estranged parent

151 VioletSky

Do abusive people know they are abusive?

302 Smileless2012

8 things we should avoid saying to an estranged child.

120 Baggytrazzas

Anyone else waiting for a very elderly abusive parent to go?

32 maddyone

Should I send my estranged daughter a birthday card …

27 Dibbydod

Handling Duty/Obligation as the "estranger" ;

210 MiaZadoraInfinity

Admitting my failure as a Mum

51 VioletSky

Estranging all family

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Anxious...I would appreciate your thoughts

43 Caleo

Drug abuse

31 Madgran77

Friendship,advice and support if estrangement has affected your life.

1000 Smileless2012

16 year total estrangement

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Estranged hut sending cards

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25 Elless

Re: ongoing estrangement

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Estranged son .

26 crazyH

Presents without Prescence

68 OnwardandUpward

My Introduction All About Me and My Daughter Texting Me GOODBYE

15 DiscoDancer1975

The gift that keeps on giving!

13 VioletSky

New User ID

9 imaround

Repairing estrangement

229 DiamondLily

Pregnant and abusive daughter

234 Oldladynewlife

Estranged SIL appears to be reading the letters I sent my Dad

18 Ali08

Looking for the right answer to criticisms.

80 Oldladynewlife

Not sure if it's any help.

10 Smileless2012

Is 'No Contact' abuse?

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Can bad behaviour be justified?

23 Summerlove

Sign for grandchildren

485 Hazydays

? estrangement with younger son after remarriage.

11 V3ra

Regret:Do you wish you’d handled things differently?

116 Larr

Explaining GP estrangement to DS (DIL side)

33 DiamondLily

Theoretical rather than a support thread

58 OnwardandUpward

Need advise on adult children

20 SporeRB

SUPPORT for all living with estrangement

1000 Smileless2012

Feeling sad

21 Smileless2012

Understanding estrangement

241 Madgran77

Do you send gifts to GC when estranged

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1st my son and now my grand as well

43 OnwardandUpward

Letter to my Estranged Child

211 OnwardandUpward

EAC: Father died

29 Granniesunite

Unable to forgive or forget

81 Besidemyself

History repeating itself

28 Smileless2012

Just to see the children

260 Robina77