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SUPPORT for all living with estrangement

311 Pantglas2

Nonviolent Communication

36 Astral

Possible narcissistic adult daughter hascut me off from grandchildren.

21 Kittycat17

Christmas /why do they do it?

33 Lavazza1st

Abusive daughter

22 icanhandthemback

Do not let estrangement ruin your life.

114 Smileless2012

Have you reconnected with an estranged parent?

58 Thistlelass

Narcissistic adult children

190 Smileless2012

Recognise how far you have come.

83 rosecarmel

Seeing a lookalike of your estranged person walking towards you

14 MawB2

Birthday blues

11 Harris27

EAC FOG FREE. Healing resources on the topic of abusive parents.

40 ineedamum

Granddaughters ask after missing Grandfather

30 nexus63

Adult daughter with mental health issues has cut me out of her life

32 OceanMama

How long can one year olds remember Grandparents?

26 Lavazza1st

The "abuse cycle" and other things/themes that EAC identify with.

479 rosecarmel

Copying siblings , Psychology says it's a thing.

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12 Callistemon

In need of advice about DIL

104 Thistlelass

Siblings and wider family

31 Lavazza1st

Domestic Violence from kids to parents

678 welbeck

Putting up with the unacceptable

107 Lavazza1st

Your money or your grandsons

287 OceanMama

Hope For Estranged Grandparents

922 Lavazza1st

SUPPORT for all living with the pain of estrangement

1000 Starblaze

Why do our adult children do this to us?

196 BlueBelle

Should I go to court to get access to by granddaughter?

28 Smileless2012

Daughter’s birthday, should I send her a birthday card ?

383 Rhinestone

Difficult relationship and estrangement

53 Fuchsiarose

What else can I do for my daughter to want me in her life

155 Fuchsiarose

Estrangement and birthdays, feeling low and dreading birthday

16 Helen657

Estranged from one, but lost so many others

26 ineedamum

Coming to terms with not seeing family

10 Madgran77

AEC thread. Feel free to chat or add helpful resources here.

1000 Starblaze

Lost Grandson.

19 Starblaze

Estrangement after domestic emotional and financial abuse. Anyone else experienced this?

22 greengreengrass


4 Nanastrawberry

Friend thinks we should get back in touch

23 timetogo2016

How to advise over a moral dilemma

42 OpenUniversity2017

Grandsons too old for grandparents now

33 DiscoDancer1975

Estrangement from 2 daughters.

6 Amelia247

How can I mediate between my brothers?

21 Shropshirelass

I feel lost

19 Purplepixie

Depression and Anxiety

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7 Smileless2012


494 Starblaze

Reunited..... but not

33 Chewbacca

Is 'No Contact' abuse?

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12 Sparkling

How to react to racism in newly reconciled daughter?

48 biba70