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Support for all who are living with estrangement

580 Pantglas1

Father refusing to see his son

8 GG65

Child arrangement court order

106 Summerlove

The reasons

11 Purpletinofpaint

Do you plan on cutting your EAC out of your will?

82 Smileless2012

heartbroken son

52 fizzers

heart is breaking

7 M0nica

Narcissistic adult children

169 craftyone

not allowed to see grand daughter

17 Smileless2012

Is there anyone here whose estranged adult child re-established contact?

80 Unhappy1

Connecting with teen grandson

7 lemongrove

Denied contact with grandchildren

193 Starlady


12 Starlady

Shut down threats of estrangement

191 Smileless2012

Just not interested

44 Madgran77

Do not let estrangement ruin your life.

91 Smileless2012

How many of you who are cut off actually want to be reconciled?

116 Starlady

Ill health

12 Bibbity

I don’t know who I am

34 lemongrove

firestick frozen

2 Cherrytree59

Girlfriend staying in the car 'with the dogs'

90 Norah

Article in Telegraph

50 moggie57

What will happen if I do make contact?

52 gmelon

My daughter refuses to see me

76 Starlady

How do I forget they exist?

205 Starlady

estranged grandchild's upcoming birthday - what do you do?

116 Starlady

Is no contact reoccurring in families

65 Bopeep14

No contact for weeks

90 Starlady

Can mother refuse to allow me to see grandchild after divorce?

75 Starlady

Wills and estranged children.

114 Yogagirl