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31 Namsnanny

AEC thread. Feel free to chat or add helpful resources here.

288 FlyingFree

Just wanted to let you all know!

101 FlyingFree

Positives after estrangement

76 rosecarmel

DH an EAC - my children

26 Starlady

*SUPPORT* for all who are living with estrangement

329 Smileless2012

New year, new ways to protect yourself

6 Smileless2012

Positive experiences of being a grandparent

46 Nanniejude


55 Smileless2012

teenage son just split from pregnant girlfriend

223 Blondiescot


17 Hithere

Xmas presents?

275 Starlady

Narcissistic personality disorder

69 Noregrets

Is there anyone here whose estranged adult child re-established contact?

110 Fennel

A Breakdown of Family Estrangement

171 Hithere


3 Namsnanny

Unbearable sadness- blocked with no reason from 4 GK

83 Namsnanny

I am so distraught I feel like I'm grieving

88 natasha1

Do not let estrangement ruin your life.

96 Smileless2012

Do I risk it?

29 Starlady

Do you plan on cutting your EAC out of your will?

127 endlessstrife

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

116 Starblaze

How to understand why my daughter cut me off?

62 Starlady


14 grannyactivist

Does it get easier?

35 Noregrets

Parenting After Estrangment

10 notanan2

Difficult Position

62 notanan2

The reasons

70 Smileless2012

I just heard this so sending it out for the unloved children here

1 Starblaze

It’s been almost a year

23 Starlady


11 Namsnanny

Why are younger people on Gransnet now?

127 petra

After estrangement?

35 Hetty58


10 Tangerine

Child arrangement court order

807 paintingthetownred

Finally cut off sister today

3 rosecarmel

Siblings and wider family

28 Norah

Estrangement and Elderly Abuse

36 Starblaze

Narcissistic Mother

27 Amagran

Estranged GP Link

27 Starblaze

My 1st Birthday with no contact from daughter

14 Hithere

Thoughts and opinions (The Friendly Version)

238 rosecarmel

Support for all who are living with estrangement

1000 Cherries

Narcissistic adult children

184 Smileless2012

To be cut off before GC is born!

47 Lavazza1st

estranged grandchild's upcoming birthday - what do you do?

123 Lavazza1st

There is no justice

10 Starlady

Thoughts and opinions:

398 rosecarmel

Hi, new here. How are you?

65 LostChild

Boxed memories. Advice needed.

32 Starlady