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Help Please! Grandchild being taken to live abroad

44 Ilovecheese

At a loss!

13 BlueBelle

Suddenly estranged and heartbroken 💔

50 icanhandthemback

3 bereavements .....

35 Nicola1960

Friendship, advice and support if estrangement has affected your life

387 Smileless2012

Guilt for going no contact

138 Carybay

Nail in the Coffin

60 Allsorts

Letter to my mother

191 FenellaFootstrap

Anything I've missed to prevent estrangement

147 Loveandpositivity1

My greatest wish is to see my granddaughter whom I still love despite everything.

71 DiamondLily

Coping with a long term estrangement

12 Stillkicken

How do you cope?

16 Mamasperspective

In hindsight, do you think there was a way to have prevented estrangement?

36 yellowfox

Hurting Mum

98 Dorrain

Count your blessings

15 Smileless2012

entire family estrangement

12 MercuryQueen

Friendship, advice and support if estrangement has affected your life.

1000 Smileless2012

Dear scapegoats

57 VioletSky


5 VioletSky

Last night I had a dream

15 Whiff

Sad nanna.

10 Allsorts

National Grandparents Register

23 Whiff

Trying to cope with a long term estrangement

31 Pjcpjc77

I Don't Know What To Do

87 Moonwatcher1904

Feeling just so mentally drained from it all….

84 Madgran77

Need some advice and guidance

83 Hetty58

There must be someone who can help

17 VioletSky

Trying to cope and do the right thing.

30 Hithere

Worn out with it all.

34 Witzend

Estrangement from family- content warning abuse

25 Lemonon

Lost and Hurt by abusive Daughter.

26 Nana5150

Why try

8 VioletSky

Choosing between my children

64 crazyH

A Lifeline…..

6 Shelflife

Do you find estrangement is the gift that keeps on giving.....?

36 Smileless2012


7 choughdancer

Time to draw a line?

29 Nicegranny

Interesting watch

192 VioletSky

Mothers Day

22 Nana56

Happy mothers day

2 Smileless2012

Estranged from adult son

62 Smileless2012

I feel a complete failure

56 Smileless2012

Confused, Angry, and Want to Help My Wife

13 VioletSky

Apparently my DiL's family are awesome (for now!)

50 BillBlake

Does my sister want me back in her life.

18 Jjooly

To want to leave UK

67 NotSpaghetti

I’m heartbroken - Any advice please.

56 JosieGc

Harry: "I want my Father back. I want my brother back"

1000 VioletSky

Family Photos

31 Allsorts

Estrangement from sister

18 maddyone