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New year, new ways to protect yourself

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Starblaze Sun 15-Dec-19 11:38:41

HolyHannah Sun 15-Dec-19 17:29:10

What a great article. Thanks for sharing.

Namsnanny Sun 15-Dec-19 17:37:24

Too soon.

Smileless2012 Sun 15-Dec-19 18:06:13

The only way to protect yourself is to have nothing to do with toxic people.

If you're an adult you can do as some have and estrange them, if you've been estranged by someone who is toxic or who has been manipulated by their toxic partner, then be thankful they are no longer in your life.

Starblaze Sun 15-Dec-19 18:41:11

I'm excited about 2020, mostly because 2020. I think it will be a very good year for lots of positive change

Smileless2012 Sun 15-Dec-19 19:07:35

In what ways?

SparklyGrandma Thu 26-Dec-19 02:33:41

I agree Smileless keeping away from toxic people and situations. Keeping positive also so I don’t become a pain to people, friends around me.

And definitely not hankering for re contact, nor being hurt again.

I forgive, but not forget out of self protection.