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A phone call at last, and maybe a way back?

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keepingquiet Mon 26-Apr-21 16:15:32

Just an update on my situation know some people have been very supportive.
After a very anxious few weeks I had a call from social services today. Although limited in what she could tell me at least I have some clarity.
Son is not yet allowed to see his daughter for reasons I couldn't be party to.
Both son and his partner have asked that I not be given any sensitive info.
I last spoke to son on Friday when he told me he was going for his first anger management session-SW seemed surprised that I knew this.
Both son and partner have other agencies working with them and are co-operating.
Baby is small and underweight but is 'happy.'
SW listened to my side of the story and was pleased that I was interested and willing to help (heaven knows what sort of hatchet job his partner has done on me.)
She will relay to son and partner that I am willing to support them in any way and that all I want is to see my granddaughter.
If they agree a family meeting may be set up for us all to iron things out.
SW said wider family involvement is always welcomed and encouraged but it has to be with parent's (read mother's) permission.
I can't tell you how much better I feel having got certain things off my chest and knowing my granddaughter is ok.
I am now going to leave thins alone and see how things develop over the next week or so.
Let's hope we all come out the other side and I can see my granddaughter soon.

Redhead56 Mon 26-Apr-21 16:36:56

Glad to hear you have some uplifting news and you may soon be seeing your GC ?

Madgran77 Mon 26-Apr-21 16:42:42

keepingquiet I so hope that things improve for you . It sounds positive with your son and DIL getting support and help flowers

sodapop Mon 26-Apr-21 16:51:52

Good news indeed keepinquiet sounds like it's been a difficult time all round.
Hope all goes well with seeing your granddaughter thanks

Smileless2012 Mon 26-Apr-21 17:29:49

This is certainly a positive first step keepingquiet and fingers crossed it will be the first of manyflowers.

crazyH Mon 26-Apr-21 17:35:23

A step in the right direction keeping quiet flowers

Namsnanny Mon 26-Apr-21 20:23:16

I'm wishing you all the best keepingquiet flowers

LnPGma Mon 26-Apr-21 20:29:48

I'm so happy you have some positive news and that you have some hope. Hang on in there! I wish you all the best