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Adult grandchildren don't contact + small new grandchild

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Wakenda Sat 22-Oct-22 16:53:44

My daughter, first born bamboozled my mom, her loving grandmom, out of a 1 million dollar home. I tried to fight for my mom but it went thru secretly. Mom didn't want to fight back. I'm sure my mom had some shade thrown in and I'm now the bad guy. My daughter won't have any communication with me, yet my 87 yr old mom has phone conversations with the 2 youngest grandchildren. It's been 6 yrs. I have no clue what my daughter's been telling them all nor what my mom told her so she's still in contact. Liars the whole crew so I'll never get the truth. My adult grandchildren should have the decency to get both sides of whatever this story is. Do they not know how their mom stole a million dollar home, took precceds away from her brothers n sisters, one disabled or her mom, me, who is now disabled with a leg amputation, was a nurse my whole life. Her oldest daughter is a Therapist, yet no clue what's happening here and never contacted me. My oldest grandson is 26, and a CA firefighter, who almost died as a premee baby...that I sat with in NICU to be sure they did all correctly.
Whatever, I'm angry at them all. My daughter must have mental issues or just plain evil..I'm.hurt and upset at her and her husband for all of this but I can only imagine the fantasies she's told or my mom probably said I instigated the whole legal aspect when I tried to get her house back. I'm so done.

Smileless2012 Sat 22-Oct-22 18:09:13

I'm so sorry Wakendaflowers.

There's nothing you can do when people lie and your GC will have been told whatever suits their mum's and maybe your mum's narrative.

I know it's hard and I also know that you gain nothing by wondering what they'll have been told. Knowing that your mum has contact with her GGC, your GC makes it even harder.

You have your memories of times shared with your adult GC before this all happened and maybe one day because of their own, they will contact you again.

Allsorts Sat 22-Oct-22 18:16:46

You can shut your door on a thief but not a liar, Some actually believe the lies they tell. If there is nothing to be done don’t let it bring you down by dwelling on the unchangeable. I think one day she will pay for what she has done.

VioletSky Sun 23-Oct-22 11:15:30

I think it would be a good idea to get some counselling for yourself to talk this through.

As an adult it's up to your mum who she gifts property or money too.

As adults it is up to your grandchildren who they have relationships with.

I would hope for their sake that those relationships they have are good and get some help to focus and find joy in the relationships you have that are good.

Hithere Sun 23-Oct-22 14:43:40

I agree with VS - counseling would help you

Any chances your mother gave the home to your dd willingly?