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grandmother90 Sun 02-Apr-23 16:43:29

im new on, cant quite work out where to post, but here goes

I am undergoing a very difficult separation and just wonder if there is anyone to would like to chat with m.
I feel terrible alone and im in my late 70,s. thank you

crazyH Sun 02-Apr-23 17:01:07

You’re ok here, but probably better off on the Relationship Forum. But while you’re here, take comfort from the fact you are not alone. I have been through separation and divorce and have come out the other side and so will you. Good luck flowers

Dottydots Sun 02-Apr-23 18:51:42

Hi grandmother 90, I was once in your shoes. I'm 81 and should have known better, I got it all wrong and went from "out of the frying pan into the fire"

sodapop Sun 02-Apr-23 19:50:13

Many of us have been where you are grandmother90 and it is hard I know.
Take comfort from the fact that life alone is peaceful and less stressful. I wish you well.

Smileless2012 Sun 02-Apr-23 19:51:17

I would love to chat with you grandmother70flowers.

grandmother90 Sun 02-Apr-23 21:24:51

thank you all so much for your comments.

i am totally lost at the moment........and finding it hard to move on, but i am trying my best.

choughdancer Mon 03-Apr-23 09:09:43

I think you have come to the right place for help i.e. Gransnet.

From what I have seen on here there are very caring posters, people with advice, willing to listen (even though it's written!), who have been through the same situation as you.

The feeling of being totally lost and unable to move on is an awful place to be. The quotation 'this too shall pass' is very true in my experience of having been through situations like yours. It's hard to believe when you are deep in loss, but the pain WILL gradually lighten, and the friendship you will find on Gransnet will help.

Wishing you all the best grandmother90 flowers