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Leftover roast potatoes

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janthea Mon 30-Apr-12 10:33:40

I always make far too many roast potatoes (cooked in goosefat, of course). They never taste as good warmed up in the microwave and slicing and frying them in butter is boring. Has anyone any brainwaves?!? confused

MrsJamJam Mon 30-Apr-12 10:36:11

Chopped up, add other veg (chopped onion/mushroom/anything left over) and make a tortilla. Yummy.

imjingl Mon 30-Apr-12 10:45:37

Oh I love them microwaved up! Or fried. Or cold.

Just love roast potatos I suppose. hmm

janthea Mon 30-Apr-12 10:54:04

imjingl They are my favourite potatoes as well! I just wanted to do something different! grin

Nonu Mon 30-Apr-12 10:54:23

I also looove roast potatoes , don"t do them much myself but had yesterday at our friends for lunch , delicious and she also does as I do , roasts garlic with them , scrummy

imjingl Mon 30-Apr-12 10:58:03

Be naughty and put plenty of salt on them cold, sliced. Mmmmm!

glammanana Mon 30-Apr-12 11:47:03

Slice them up and layer inbetween onions with top layer being potatoe then small amount of butter and cream/milk pop into oven for 1/2hr and enjoy you can add garlic sprigs of parsley etc if you want.This looks good in ramikins and just enough for a portion each for Monday lunch.

granjura Mon 30-Apr-12 11:57:56

LOL - nice to have a post where we all agree so far. Roasties are yum, and parsnips even better smile

Ariadne Mon 30-Apr-12 12:05:12

And cold new potatoes that you really intended to turn into a potato salad...

glassortwo Mon 30-Apr-12 12:12:28

Sliced up with the mashed potato and veg left from lunch, season mix with beaten egg, make into patties and fry so outside is golden.

Anagram Mon 30-Apr-12 12:31:15

Sorry granjua - I hate parsnips! grin
But all the suggestions for leftover roast potatoes sound wonderful - I could live on roast potatoes, I think....

glammanana Mon 30-Apr-12 12:44:39

anagram I must admit a love for parsnips I will roast a few when I do the pots mr.glamma not fond of them,but I will munch on them well before the lunch goes out grin

janthea Mon 30-Apr-12 13:07:48

Ladies, ladies - you are all making me feel hungry! I'm sitting at my desk with a very boring cheese sandwich. I love all of the ideas. I don't feel satisfied after a meal unless I have had potatoes - mashed, roast, chips - any whichway - I'm not proud. I love potatoes. In fact, I may well have to make a torilla tonight for supper (note - not dinner - supper! - no guests - just me!) grin

shysal Mon 30-Apr-12 13:57:03

The best roast potato is always the one I pinch before dishing up! I love them, especially done as hasselbacks. Has anyone tried Delia's parmesan parsnips? They are of course more fattening but for a special treat who cares? Try Googling the recipes.
BTW never have any left-overs, daren't cook too many!

Nonu Mon 30-Apr-12 14:06:55

Glammanana if you love parsnips , have you tried roast carrots so sweet and nice

glammanana Mon 30-Apr-12 14:15:12

Nonu Oh you bet I have but they have to be chantenay I got a packet of parsnips and carrots from Morrisons at week-end at offer price of 50p a bag.Yummy.

kittylester Mon 30-Apr-12 14:23:14

I used to cook extra roast potatoes and veg to mix with the dog's biscuits and meat. Since he can't eat human food any more I keep forgetting to cut down on the potatoes - silly me! Could someone explain what leftover roast potatoes actually look like?

Has anyone tried maple syrup stirred in to roasting carrots about 15 minutes before the end of cooking. Bliss. Or sprinkling just a little chili oil on broccoli just before it's served?

Nonu Mon 30-Apr-12 14:26:27

Glammanana , you"re a girl for the bargains , just like me , if it"s reduced I nearly always buy then think what to do it

glammanana Mon 30-Apr-12 14:34:49

Nonu lol

glammanana Mon 30-Apr-12 14:36:36

Oops I must go I got carried away here this pm 60 min makeover on afternoon TV and I like to get some ideas (don't tell mr.glamma)smile

imjingl Mon 30-Apr-12 18:11:10

Do not put carrotts in to roast on a Sunday morning, and then go out for a walk. Not if you want to see across your kitchen when you get back. blush

glammanana Mon 30-Apr-12 18:26:59

Oops !! a bit foggy in your kitchen jings ?

Anagram Mon 30-Apr-12 18:40:04

Or more like the old-fashioned smogs of yore? grin

Annobel Mon 30-Apr-12 19:13:13

Set my smoke alarm off the other day, sautéeing some potatoes. It's quite a task to shut the thing down, usually involving the use of an extended hiking pole and now I've extended it, I can't retract it... confused

Elegran Mon 30-Apr-12 19:29:39

I use a broomstick. My smoke alarm grudges me sausages. It always goes off when I grill them.