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Sauces for steak?

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kittylester Sun 12-Oct-14 08:37:43

What sauces do you make to serve with steaks? Having bought fillet steaks from the butcher I made a brandy and mushroom sauce - the combination was delicious! It made me wonder about sauces other people make.

We have a steak most Fridays - it's quick, easy and celebrates the start of the weekend!

Bez Sun 12-Oct-14 09:14:28

Roquefort is lovely with steak - just melt the cheese in a non stick pan and then add some créme fraîche and stir it in - delicious. Créme fraîche works well to simply melt into the pan you have cooked any meat in- it melts into the juices in the pan and also leaves the pan cleaner.

merlotgran Sun 12-Oct-14 10:21:59

I love the two favourite sauces of the sixties. Au poivre (we didn't call it peppercorn as we were trying to sound posh!) and chasseur sauce.

annsixty Sun 12-Oct-14 11:53:37

Kitty this is a real favourite with us. Sauté a finely chopped onion in oil.add a few sliced mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes. Add a small glass of white wine and simmer for five mins. Stir in a tbls of chopped fresh tarragon 100mls of double cream and Dijon mustard. Season and warm through gently.

annsixty Sun 12-Oct-14 11:54:29

Tarragon should really be to taste,!!

Galen Sun 12-Oct-14 12:23:06

Sounds rather like a Dianne sauce which I make

kittylester Sun 12-Oct-14 16:39:54

Thanks for those idea. I was just a bit stuck in a rut!!

I have a lovely pepper sauce recipe merlot but the crushed peppers get under DH's plate! grin

Crafting Sun 12-Oct-14 16:46:04

We love steak with a sauce made from melted Cambazola and Madeira wine. Makes me swoon just just thinking about it grin

glammanana Sun 12-Oct-14 16:50:21

Kitty Try the finely ground black pepper if DH finds the peppercorns a problem it works very well,I like a blue cheese sauce with a steak but it is only me that likes it OH prefers mushroom or dianne.
Has anyone tried the Steak selection in Aldi I have had a couple of them over the past few weeks and found them excellent all Aberdeen Angus and cut from Sirloin,Rump or Fillet well worth a try.

Rosiebee Mon 13-Oct-14 19:01:41

After you've taken the steaks out of the pan, pour some double cream into the meat juices. Stir it round and let it bubble up, then stir in a good table spoonful of Dijon mustard. Really yummy.
We've also been using Aldi's Rib Eye Steaks from their Steak Selection range. Very tender and lots of flavour

Elegran Mon 13-Oct-14 19:11:14

Cook the steaks, then take them out to keep warm. Add a couple of chopped-up tomatoes to the pan, saute them for a couple of minutes then add a good dollop of tomato ketchup and a tot of whisky, stir it all and heat until it is reduced enough to call it a sauce, then pour it over the steaks.

Anne58 Mon 13-Oct-14 19:25:55

Aldi is too far from us, but the steaks we've had from Lidl, have been excellent, had a very good ribeye last week. (Dribble drool)