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The Price of Milk

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rosequartz Tue 13-Jan-15 17:14:38

The price of milk in the UK is not the cost we pay in the supermarket. The price of milk will be farmers unable to sustain a living and losing their livelihood. When our dairy industry has shut down we will have to import milk from overseas.

In our search for cheaper food are we in danger of shutting down our dairy industry by frequenting those supermarkets which offer a lower and lower price to the dairy farmer?

Should there be a set price which is paid to the farmer for a staple food like this?

And how many people can honestly say, hand on heart, that they cannot afford to pay just that bit extra for milk to stop the decimation of the dairy farming industry?

and just for balance:

rosequartz Thu 15-Jan-15 19:26:18

DH calls skimmed milk 'gutless'.

rosequartz Thu 15-Jan-15 19:29:17

I don't think 2/3 of a pint a day is a lot. We seem to get through 6 litres a week (although DGD drinks some of that).

NfkDumpling Thu 15-Jan-15 20:08:53

My DH calls skimmed milk geriatric cows milk. And yes, Crun it is watery! It would be - all the cream has been removed.

(I have half a pint of semi skimmed a day.)

crun Thu 15-Jan-15 23:47:59

But you don't make it less watery by using more, you would have to boil it on the stove to reduce it if you want it thicker. You can't really put more on Weetabix or you'll end up with a bowl of liquid, porridge I make half water/half milk, it's cheaper.

NfkDumpling Fri 16-Jan-15 08:24:50

I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one Crun!