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Champagne. Prosecco. Cava.

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LyndaW Thu 20-Aug-15 16:17:57

All taste the same to me. And it looks like the cheap stuff is selling more now too. In fact I find some champagne a bit 'dusty' tasting so prefer a cava any day. Not that I'm popping corks every day mind wink #bubblesisbubbles

whitewave Thu 20-Aug-15 16:23:38

Anyone know if the Aldi fizz is OK? DH 70th on Sunday and we are having a little soiree on Saturday with DD, DS and family, so thought I would get some fizz .. I am no expert by any means, but tne best fizz I have tasted is produced by the Camelford vineyard absolutely delicious.

kittylester Thu 20-Aug-15 16:33:52

We like Prosecco! Before it, theoretically, became scarce I bought a lovely one that should have been £9 per bottle. It was on offer at 2 for £12 and then, if you bought 6 there was 25% off. Unfortunately, we drank it all for DH's 70 birthday party. It makes a lovely Bellini!

Indinana Thu 20-Aug-15 16:44:41

I've never really understood the whole fizzy wine thing I'm afraid. Everyone seems to be into Prosecco these days. It was Lambrusco back in the 70s. I don't get it confused

Alea Thu 20-Aug-15 16:45:31

We bought either Aldi or Lidl prosecco (can't remember which) for our "30 years in the village " party in January. Extremely drinkable, quite dry and went down a treat!

Jane10 Thu 20-Aug-15 16:53:11

I love most Champagnes but they do vary. I like Prosecco and seem to find it less harsh than Cava somehow. I'll drink any of them though!

Mamie Thu 20-Aug-15 17:53:29

I like all three and would add in sparkling Saumur. I only drink dry wines and am very fond of pink fizz. Lidl's Prosecco (with the orange label) is excellent. We pay 3.79€ a bottle (£2.70) about half the UK price I think.
The Lidl Champagne at 10.99€ is also very good.

merlotgran Thu 20-Aug-15 17:53:34

We buy Aldi Prosecco whenever there's an occasion that requires some bubbly and very nice it is too.

Grannyeggs Thu 20-Aug-15 17:56:01

I love champagne, but hardly ever have it, so prosecco is a good substitute. My daughter met some friends in a pub recently where there was prose co on tap!

Teetime Thu 20-Aug-15 18:11:09

I find Prosecco (which both my daughters drink by the bucket) a bit sweet and a bit too fizzy for me so one glass and then I prefer a nice dry white wine. If we are having a 'a bit of a do' I like M & S Vintage Cava its very dry and champagne usually M & S for Christmas morning or a big celebration I just think it costs too much to drink often.

janerowena Thu 20-Aug-15 19:45:56

I does - but lots of places sell it by the glass now, so I always have one as an aperitif when we go out somewhere special. I like dry champagnes and cavas. Cava is just Spanish champagne really, and much underrated IMO.

Galen Thu 20-Aug-15 19:56:51

Ocado have a half price offer on prosecco at the moment.

Deedaa Thu 20-Aug-15 20:52:36

Last Christmas Aldi had a small quantity of Franciacorta which is the best sparkling wine produced in Italy. It was £14.99 a bottle but very good. I've got another bottle tucked away for our anniversary smile Nobody seems to talk about Asti these days, although we always have a bottle with our Christmas pudding. The Lambrusco we get over here is very different from the one the Italians drink which is a much more serious wine.

NanSue Thu 20-Aug-15 21:25:28

Prosecco every time for me. Champagne a little too dry and Cava harsh.
Asda sell a Canti Prosecco for £6. It's really very good, both on its own and for cocktails.

Notso Thu 20-Aug-15 22:23:52

I have 6 bottles of Asda's Canti Prosecco in my Christmas cupboard. NanSue is right, it's really very good smile

suzied Fri 21-Aug-15 07:41:42

Aldi's Cremant de Jura is about £7 and is a French sparkling wine though not from the champagne region, and is a good alternative to pricey champers. I think Marks and Tesco do a good Cremant too. Aldi do a nice rose spumante fizz which is about £5 and lovely with a bit of cake for a special afternoon summer tea.

aquagran Fri 21-Aug-15 07:59:47

On a recent holiday our courier declared "There's not much in life that can't be improved with a glass of Prosseco!" How true!

Anne58 Fri 21-Aug-15 08:47:52

Mr P & I are very partial to a drop of fizz, or as he puts it "Would you like a glass of something restorative, darling?" grin Although I did think it was a little early in the day when he brought me one in bed along with my birthday present at 9am confused

For the last 2 weeks, Morrisons have had their vintage Cava on offer at £5 (their ordinary is only £4.99) and we could actually taste the difference, a lot smoother.

I'm off to Bideford later and hoping that it is still on offer wink

Merseymog Fri 21-Aug-15 12:54:52

I'm a bit of philistine in that I don't rate any Fizzy Wine. I far prefer a glass of still white, red or rose depending on what I'm having it with. I will drink fizzy stuff if I'm given it but can honestly I never had any that I truly liked.

Does anyone else think that Fizz is not worth raving about??

Cosafina Fri 21-Aug-15 13:06:04

I'm happy with Cava - specially when you buy it in Spain for about 1 euro! But I once got given a bottle of vintage Bollinger that at the time (about 20 years ago) was selling for about £60 (heaven knows what it would cost now!).
It was pretty delicious...

Rosiebee Fri 21-Aug-15 14:02:26

The Co-Op do a very nice Prosecco which is often on offer. I picked one up yesterday for £6.99. I love having a couple of bottles of fizz tucked away, usually in the garage fridge so it's not toooo accessible. Adds a bit of fun to most dull days/occasions/visitors. Not that our visitors are ever dull - in case anyone's reading this. wink

Grannycupcake Fri 21-Aug-15 14:22:03

Can't abide anything fizzy. Give me a good Rioja or Cabernet Sauvignon any day. (maybe every day)

entropy Fri 21-Aug-15 14:32:36

It has been said and I agree.
4 very overated things are 1 champagne,2 barbecues, 3 caviare and 4 picnics. Im with cupcake give me Rioja any time.

auntiejantie Fri 21-Aug-15 15:27:39

Prosecco is yummy! I've never liked champagne (unless it's Lanson) and liked Cava until I 'discovered' Prosecco. Can't resist a couple of bottles when its on offer at my local Morrisons, just to have ready chilled for when the occasion calls!

aquagran Fri 21-Aug-15 15:28:34

I like all of those four things, and what's more I like Rioja too. Must be me who is the Philistine!