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ninathenana Mon 24-Dec-18 18:13:56

I've never cooked my roasties in goose fat before, I always use hot oil but chefs all seem to recommend it.

Those of you that use goose fat I'm assuming you heat it and then add your par-boiled spuds rather than just smear it over ?

EllanVannin Mon 24-Dec-18 18:17:35

Yes, heat the fat in the oven first but be careful when putting the potatoes in the hot fat.

phoenix Mon 24-Dec-18 18:24:54

Have used goose fat, duck fat, but have reverted to sunflower oil!

So shoot me now!

FountainPen Mon 24-Dec-18 18:48:26

I'm not a great cook but do make brilliant roast potatoes. Par boil Maris Pipers, drain, shake in a dry pan with rosemary until the edges are broken then tip into a pan of very hot vegetable oil. Delicious.

ninathenana Mon 24-Dec-18 18:49:40

Oh dear, it seems I should have stuck to my usual veg oil.

phoenix Mon 24-Dec-18 19:12:19

I too favour Maris Pipers, into boiling water for 20 mins, drain and duff up a bit, (colander, saucepan lid and plenty of shaking) then very hot oil, turn etc, done.

Nanah67 Mon 24-Dec-18 19:13:31

My toasties are fat heated ..par boil potatoes for 10mins ..dry in pot and shake..roll in the hot fat roast 40 mins at 180..never ever have even 1 left..always maris pipers

MiniMoon Mon 24-Dec-18 22:14:03

I use either oil or lard. Boil the potatoes for 6 minutes, drain and shake in the pan to fluff up the edges. Put the potatoes into the hot oil or fat, and roast at 200°c for 45 minutes. Perfect roast potatoes every time.

grannyactivist Mon 24-Dec-18 22:18:40

I use goose fat at Christmas, but other times I use oil - always Maris Piper potatoes and more or less the same cooking method as outlined above. My family would walk over hot coals for my roasties.

phoenix Mon 24-Dec-18 22:21:15

Argh, 10 minutes!

merlotgran Mon 24-Dec-18 22:24:44

Rapeseed oil makes perfect roast potatoes IMO.

kittylester Mon 24-Dec-18 22:28:21

After you have parboiled the potatoes allow them to dry off in a pan for as long as possible then tip hot fat into the potatoes . Then roast!! Duck or goose is best as far as I am concerned!!

Doodle Mon 24-Dec-18 22:47:06

phoenix I intend to report you to the RSPCGAV (gammon and vegetables)
Not only do you curse your poor gammon who'se never done you any harm 😱 you are now encouraging others to assault the poor defenceless potatoes 🥔 🥊. What new depths will you sink to this Christmas? 😱😱. You're doing what to the turkey ?!!!! Gasp.

Lynne59 Mon 24-Dec-18 22:51:51

I use beef dripping. Parboil the potatoes, put the saucepan lid back on when the water has been drained off. Shake them in the saucepan. Put them into a tray with very hot beef dripping. Baste, put into a really hot oven (200o) and cook for 45 minutes, basting halfway through.

phoenix Mon 24-Dec-18 23:41:50

Stuff it, Doodle, and give it a damn good roasting!

H1954 Tue 25-Dec-18 00:14:14

Yes, have to agree with FountainPen, par boil, drain well, wiggle around in the pan (the spuds not you) sea salt, Rosemary, black pepper, into hot oil..........boom! Lovely roasties!

Cambia Tue 25-Dec-18 08:29:37

My family don’t care if there is nothing else on the table so long as there is a huge bowl of roasties!! Heat duck fat, simmer potatoes as long as you can without them falling apart. Chuck in hot duck fat, turn over to coat, season and in the oven for 40 mins. Do not let them hang around, dish immediately!