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Paul Hollywood has a competitor

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Fennel Wed 30-Jan-19 18:00:25

Richard Bertinet.
I was looking for a video of how to deal with very wet dough - husband insisted on making bread because I'm ill. He madeup his own recipe, too much water. I found this one:
Richard Bertinet has also made some videos for Waitrose, and others on fancy patisserie. Plus books.
I like to watch him working.
And husband actually watched the video and his bread turned out well smile.

Countrylife Tue 09-Apr-19 14:16:30

Yes he is, I have seen him & he is excellent.

You are lucky I’m not well and I got some lukewarm tomato soup last night. I’m dragging myself to the kitchen this evening no matter what!

craftyone Fri 19-Apr-19 06:45:41

Bertinet is a bread maker par excellence and has a wonderful book called dough. He is a real breadmaker. Btw I cannot stand hollywood

craftyone Fri 19-Apr-19 06:50:10

I actually have the book called crust. It is packed and I could not remember. I always make wet dough, stretch and fold with long fermentation. No bread like it. Been making bread for over 50 years, grandfather was an artisan baker so I guess it is in the genes

GabriellaG54 Fri 19-Apr-19 07:22:01

I must look for the book on Amazon.
You're probably more of an expert than Bertinet or Hollywood, more true to the craft. There is nothing, nothing to compare with home-made, lovingly-made bread.