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Husbands who cook 👨🏼‍🍳

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lemongrove Sun 03-Feb-19 20:00:37

Whenever we watch an Escape To The Country the husband always seems to be saying that he is the main cook, and needs a big kitchen to bash the pots and pans around.
My DH cooks once a week usually, and even that seems to be unusual amongst my friends, who’s DH’s never do more than prepare a sarnie.Do yours regularly take over the kitchen and make several meals a week? Lucky you, if so.envy

BlueSapphire Tue 05-Mar-19 21:00:00

DH always used to cook a lovely Saturday night dinner for us, and I was lucky enough to get breakfast in bed most Sundays (once the DC had grown up and left home and DH had retired). It was only when this started to taper off that I realised how poorly he was, and sadly he is no longer here to do it. But, hey, I have so many happy memories and just rejoice in them . Happy days.

sodapop Mon 04-Mar-19 08:41:16

I'm afraid our household falls into the category of no husband, no food. No ready meals or takeaways here so maybe I should get back into the swing of cooking smile

GrandmainOz Sun 03-Mar-19 23:14:05

I do all the cooking as my OH works fulltime. He CAN cook - makes a good roast, but the mess he leaves drives me mad. It's more work for me than if I did it myself, cleaning up as I go along, which I always do.
However, on weekends he is often the first to be hanging out laundry, emptying bins, stripping the beds - so he does his fair share in other ways.
Pet peeve is that he insists on us grocery shopping together on Saturday mornings. He spends easily 30% more than if I do it alone and cannot for the life of him accept me buying budget cuts for slow cooker etc. He has champagne tastes I'm afraid!

Greyduster Sun 03-Mar-19 11:02:53

I woke up with a bit of a sniffle and a sore throat today and DH said “you should stay in bed” (which he did for a couple of days last week when he had a bit of a sniffle). I said “if I stay in bed, we won’t get anything nice to eat.” He told me he would make his signature (sort of minestrone with interesting additions) soup and make enough for two days. I rest my case!🙄

Susan56 Sun 03-Mar-19 07:58:36

DH loves to cook so always cooks our meals on his days off,also Christmas dinner and meals when the family visit.He is very patient and his meals are delicious.He even makes a sandwich look like a feast.He also uses every pan and utensil in the kitchen!My job is cleaner upper which I am more than happy with.

Anja Sun 03-Mar-19 07:12:47

DH is battling dementia. He likes to cook. I think he’s trying to pretend nothing is wrong.

We have some ‘interesting’ results!

crystaltipps Sun 03-Mar-19 06:25:17

Mr Tipps is a great cook, as are all the men in the family. Dinner parties, Christmas, curries, chilli, pasta sauces the lot. He’s recently got a vegan cookbook and can cater for the vegans in the family - vegan mac n cheese, mushroom wellington, falafels, samosas. He enjoys the challenge. As long as there’s a glass of wine going he’s happy. He shops and cleans up as well ( usually). He doesn’t do desserts, so it’s fruit or yoghurt which is fine by me.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 02-Mar-19 21:01:49

MrGG13 has just cooked Piri piri prawns (starter), venison steaks, dauphinois potatoes, asparagus and green beans main. I have just cleaned kitchen and it wasn’t that bad.

I know I am lucky

lemongrove Sat 02-Mar-19 20:49:55

Nanabilly your DH needs a serious talking to!
Get him to read all this thread?😁

GrannyIris5 Sat 02-Mar-19 18:22:35

My hubs can cook a full english the results of which are measured by his waist size. He can cook chops, sausages and steak but would never cook a roast.

Nanabilly Sat 02-Mar-19 18:17:43

#puds not pics.

Nanabilly Sat 02-Mar-19 18:16:24

I've not read all of the posts as I'm getting more jealous by each post.
My husband is bloody useless in the kitchen ..he never preps or cooks food not even a sandwich or even if I'm ill.
I taught him how to do a few simple things when kids were smaller and I worked late evening shifts but he's never kept it up. He used to iron too but since I stopped work due to ill health he does nothing ... Zilch!!
I would love for him to just make me lunch one day , just a nicely made sandwich would suffice.
He knows how I feel and I tell him often but he still does not do it.
I've now given up but have stopped doing things he enjoys as payback. Ie baking his favourite cakes or pics . And as for cooking his favourite chance. It all sounds very nasty when I read It but honestly it's not .

Twinflower Sat 02-Mar-19 17:37:54

My husband adores cooking, it was the same when we both worked. And we still like to make something in kitchen together sometimes.

sodapop Wed 06-Feb-19 10:37:36

Hate to think of the end result of that pot of soup Blondiescotsmile

Blondiescot Wed 06-Feb-19 10:06:04

I do most of the cooking in our house - mainly because I enjoy it - but OH certainly isn't useless and can turn his hand to making a meal if he has to. However, he did once decide to make soup - never again! He chucked in a whole load of veg from the garden, including vast quantities of Brussels sprouts. The result was a khaki-coloured foul-smelling concoction that the rest of the family refused to eat. He, on the other hand, couldn't bear to admit how awful it was and forced himself to eat the whole pot!

Rufus2 Wed 06-Feb-19 00:00:52

He's always been self-sufficient, due to having been in the armed forces
Sue; So have I, but what's that got to do with domestic cooking?
Hope he's still not cooking army cook-house style! You'd have him on "jankers" in no time! grin

Jalima1108 Tue 05-Feb-19 19:49:17

i do like housework
I think I need to come and feel your forehead petra, perhaps you need a lie down

petra Tue 05-Feb-19 16:25:12

I don't cook and don't food shop, OH loves cooking and entertaining, and quiet enjoys food shopping.
He even makes sure that the freezer has all I need to eat when he has his jollies with the boys smile
But i do like housework, gardening and painting ( house that is)

Kernowflock Tue 05-Feb-19 12:41:01

I rarely cook as DH works part-time and is a great cook, whilst I work full-time and do not enjoy cooking, though I do bake.
When our 2 DS were at home the rule was... first one in cooks. All others clear up. Now in their 30's they always cook, and are very good.

Rufus2 Tue 05-Feb-19 11:56:21

stick something in the microwave or make some toast, surely?
Luckylegs; Of course it is! I do it all the time. After reading this thread to find out how to better myself, I'm now suffering a severe inferiority complex. sad My family are always reminding me I can't cook; didn't have to; my dear Vera was an expert. Both sons come home to cook after slogging all day at work; their Aussie wives don't seem to do much. What's the world coming to? confused

One American in three is heavier than the other two

BigMxx3 Tue 05-Feb-19 10:44:15

I'm very lucky my DH loves cooking and it's usually a fight for me to get anywhere near the kitchen, I've become he's prep chef!

Harris27 Tue 05-Feb-19 08:38:33

Occasionally to impress me ha ha! But what a mess he makes he does work long hours and I kind of think of myself as a younger Mary berry!!so we work well together he does so nice sarnies though!!!

BradfordLass72 Tue 05-Feb-19 06:54:12

The Bradford Lad was a great cook as are both our sons.

The younger one is the main cook in their home with dreams to retire into catering one day. His partner can cook and does sometimes but doesn't love it, so she willingly leaves it to him.

When he was 18 and flatting with 5 girls, the conversation in the TV room included, 'Oooh, I could just eat a slice of chocolate cake.'
In less than an hour he was putting said cake on the table. grin

Newquay Tue 05-Feb-19 05:53:03

I don’t enjoy cooking at all but DH does so he prepares most meals for which i’m very grateful although, given the choice, I would be more a veggie/fish person but DH loves his meat and is hurt if I don’t!
I know a chap whose wife puts ingredients before him every other evening for him to cook their evening meal. Brilliant idea I think like us ladies learning all the other skills too so we can manage. I can see from others bereavement/divorce is hard enough without not being able to shop/cook/wash/maintain a home. It’s probably a generational thing too

Nanny41 Mon 04-Feb-19 22:19:39

Mine usually makes the evening meal, the snag being he always chooses the meal. He leaves the saucepan and frying pan for me to clean and the cooker is always left in a mess, he says I do it better!!