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Goose eggs

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Chewbacca Sat 23-Mar-19 20:51:25

Whilst out this afternoon, I stopped off at a farm shop to buy some free range eggs. I bought a dozen hen's eggs but then spotted that they also had goose eggs too. I bought 2 but I've no idea whatsoever what to do with them. They are huge; about 6 times bigger than hen eggs and they'd make an omelette big enough for a family of 4!

Has anyone else had goose eggs and, if so, what did you do with them? Baking with them seems out of the question, unless a wedding cake is on the itinerary?

Grammaretto Sat 23-Mar-19 21:08:13

Boil for longer than hens' eggs 20mins. Or make an omelette as they taste very similar to hens' eggs or bake a cake. Each goose egg is the equivalent of 3 hens eggs. I kept geese as lawn mowers and guards for years. They didn't lay many eggs and only in the Spring but they were delicious.
You could also blow the egg and decorate the shell for Easter.

annsixty Sat 23-Mar-19 21:10:36

My H played golf with a man who had a small holding who raised ducks and geese.
I didn't mind when he sent me duck eggs but didn't know what to do with the geese eggs.
I did make omelettes but didn't like the taste.
The yolk was so out of proportion to the white.
Not a favourite of mine.

Chewbacca Sat 23-Mar-19 21:37:34

What you say about the yolk is interesting annsixty because the man who sold them to me did mention that the yolks were huge. What's different about the taste, compared to hen eggs? Are they as "strong" a flavour as duck eggs?

I'm thinking Grammaretto has the best idea 're blowing them for easter!

aggie Sat 23-Mar-19 21:45:40

They taste very "eggy" if you know what I mean , sort of solid

nonnasusie Sun 24-Mar-19 06:54:34

We have 2 geese. Griselda only lays in Spring and only 1 every 2 or 3 days! We make the most of the eggs, usually omelette but they make very good pasta! Ours are only a bit richer than the hens eggs because they are fed the same dried food with the addition of plenty of greens!!

GrandmaKT Sun 24-Mar-19 08:37:11

I have bought goose eggs on occasion from a nearby farm. I used them to make omelettes and I love the taste - very creamy and not at all fishy like duck eggs can be. I use them for omelettes or scrambled eggs.

BusterTank Sun 24-Mar-19 10:18:36

I boiled them , then put them in a mug and have egg and soldiers . My kids used love them when they were little . you can use them any way you like , the same as chickens eggs . They are more richer though but lovely in cakes . Enjoy .

NotSpaghetti Sun 24-Mar-19 10:26:12

I've used them occasionally, mainly in cakes as find them very rich.

Jalima1108 Sun 24-Mar-19 10:31:48

I would probably bake cakes with them, one should be enough for a cake.
One way to make a Victoria sponge is to weigh the egg(s) in its shell and use the equivalent weights of sugar, butter and flour.
I have eaten a sponge made with peacock eggs, it was very yellow and very rich (a small piece was enough!).

Jalima1108 Sun 24-Mar-19 10:33:42

Incubate them? grin

oldgaijin Sun 24-Mar-19 13:03:02

To make a really good fatless sponge cake, weigh the goose egg and use equal quantities of sugar and flour. For a Victoria, use double the weight of fat/flour/sugar. You can also use them for frittatas and a Yorkshire pudding is wonderful. I've also made goose egg meringues, just adjust the weight of sugar to egg white.

Kim01 Sun 24-Mar-19 13:18:54

Goose egg ang chips......Yummy

luluaugust Sun 24-Mar-19 13:21:02

They make good sponge cakes, well probably just good cakes.

RustyBear Sun 24-Mar-19 15:55:19

We used to have Chinese geese and my mum made cakes with them - they were yellower than cakes made with hens' eggs and tasted lovely.

marionk Sun 24-Mar-19 17:00:30

Love them and grab them whenever I see them, same with duck eggs, I love having large yolks as I think it’s the best bit of any egg. You can do anything with a goose/duck egg that you can do with hens eggs, just weigh them and adjust accordingly. I have even make cakes with quails eggs when I was given loads of them, it was very yellow but tasted excellent.

MamaCaz Sun 24-Mar-19 17:03:44

I wish I knew where I could buy these - I have been wanting some extra-large eggs to decorate for our village show, and it sounds like goose eggs would be perfect.
Do you mind my asking how much they cost, Chewbacca?

Chewbacca Sun 24-Mar-19 17:23:07

I got them from a little farm shop in Derbyshire MamaCaz and they were 50p each for the goose eggs. £1.25 for 6 duck eggs and £1.20 for 6 hen eggs. All free range and covered in muck! grin

chicken Sun 24-Mar-19 17:38:37

They make a wonderful Victoria sponge, rich yellow and very tasty.

Jalima1108 Sun 24-Mar-19 17:42:31

There should be plenty of cake to go round everyone on this thread grin

MamaCaz Sun 24-Mar-19 17:49:59

Today 17:23 Chewbacca

I got them from a little farm shop in Derbyshire MamaCaz and they were 50p each for the goose eggs.

Thanks for replying. I need to visit our local farm shops to see if they sell them smile

poshpaws Sun 24-Mar-19 19:09:16

Goose eggs with a little salt and pepper make the best, creamiest scrambled eggs I've ever eaten.

Blinko Mon 25-Mar-19 13:26:47

I shall be on the look out for goose eggs now.