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Which is it?

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BradfordLass72 Mon 23-Dec-19 22:54:13

Various places on the Internet give recipes for what is often called Confectioners' Custard. It's a cooked mix of milk, cream, eggs and flours and used in pastries.

But the spelling isn't consistent across the Net and now I don't know if it's Crème Pâtissière or Crème Pâtissèrie.

I've always said Crème Pâtissèrie but I'm prepared to be wrong.

Any good cooks out there know ?

Bathsheba Mon 23-Dec-19 23:04:38

Well FWIW I've always called it Crème Pâtissèrie too, but on the other hand Pâtissière means pastry cook or confectioner, so this would appear to be more accurate.

MiniMoon Mon 23-Dec-19 23:07:44

I think it's the same thing. It's also I own as pastry cream.
I'm know expert though, and may be wrong.

MiniMoon Mon 23-Dec-19 23:09:30

Why does the auto correct do that! Also known as, and no expert!😠