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Can I substitute chard for spinach for "wilting" on a curry?

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phoenix Wed 29-Jul-20 17:00:59

Hello all,

Well, Mr P has excelled himself! Lost the shopping list, came back with nothing that was on it, and some items that we definitely didn't need or want confused

Anyway, have made a chicken curry for supper, usually lob carefully add a few handfuls of spinach to wilt down at the last stage of cooking, of course we now have no spinach, but a neighbour has some chard.

Would it work, or might it be tough and horrid?

Thank you,

Bloody cross of Devon!

Farmor15 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:03:18

I’d use the chard, but trim off the thick stems, and chop the leaves up.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:09:24

Should be ok if you trim it well and wilt it doe longer than you would spinach (I adore chard)

Alishka Wed 29-Jul-20 17:09:57

Of course! If it's really tough looking, trim off the stems, as farmor wrote.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:21:42

^doe!!! No idea where that came from 😂

phoenix Wed 29-Jul-20 17:28:52

Thank you all!

Will now ask my neighbour if she will spare some!

Auntieflo Wed 29-Jul-20 18:57:17

Oooh Phoenix, chard is lovely.
We used to be able to but it in our local WI market, but no longer.
It was also said that you could use the centre stems as a sort if asparagus.
Worth trying, I liked it.

Calendargirl Wed 29-Jul-20 19:04:47

My DH grows chard, but I find it a bit tasteless TBH. Not fond of spinach either, but I still eat both.

kittylester Wed 29-Jul-20 21:14:29

I think I would wilt it either separately or for quite a bit longer than spinach - minus the thick centre bit.

phoenix Wed 29-Jul-20 21:23:14

Well, I cut the stems off, stripped the leaves, bunged it in, left it a bit longer than I would have done with spinach, and it was fine! smile

geekesse Wed 29-Jul-20 21:24:53

I sometimes use leftover carvalho nero in curries - it has a bit more substance than spinach and adds both taste and texture.