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Advice please! Pork Steak problem ?

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phoenix Tue 25-Aug-20 17:06:12

Hello all,

I have partially defrosted 2 pork fillets and found that one is very thick and the other isn't confused

There is no way that they would cook evenly, so I'm thinking about chopping them up and making a mushroom, onion and cream sauce to go with them.

Now, should I gently fry the diced meat, or will that make it tough?

I was hoping that if I fried it, added sliced onion, mushrooms and then cream, it might make a reasonable meal!

Any thoughts?


Illte Tue 25-Aug-20 17:15:38

Batter them flat with a rolling pin first!

phoenix Tue 25-Aug-20 17:17:48

Now there's a thought, Illte! Just wish they would hurry up and defrost!

phoenix Tue 25-Aug-20 17:18:57

Meant to add, sometimes I grill them, sometimes cook them in the oven.

fevertree Tue 25-Aug-20 17:35:03

Take a sharp knife and "butterfly" the thick one and cook as normal (panfry or grill)... they should both be cooked at the same time.

phoenix Tue 25-Aug-20 17:36:42

Too late, fevertree I've just chopped them both up blush

Callistemon Tue 25-Aug-20 17:51:50

I thought Mr P had been shopping again and the pork steaks were beef!

What time's dinner? It sounds as if there's enough for three and I don't feel like cooking.

JackyB Tue 25-Aug-20 17:53:32

Gentle poaching should make them tender. I think they would taste better if you quickly sear them first, though.

merlotgran Tue 25-Aug-20 18:02:18

Pork steaks are likely to toughen up if you add liquid to the pan after frying or searing them.

I fry them on both sides for whatever time is appropriate for their thickness. I then remove them and keep them warm (covered) in a very low oven.

I then make the sauce in the pan I used to fry the steaks, adding things like onion, garlic, mushrooms etc. Once the sauce is made I put the steaks back in, piling the mushrooms etc., on top. I then cover the pan and turn off the heat until I'm ready to dish up.

This works for diced pork as well.

phoenix Tue 25-Aug-20 18:16:29

Thank you all!

Pork "resting" while I saute the onion & mushrooms. Will add some shaoxing cooking wine, then the clotted cream.

It will either work, or it wont.

There's always Mr P's lovely cheese and onion on toast to fall back on if it's inedible!

Charleygirl5 Tue 25-Aug-20 18:36:36

I definitely will not be dining at your house this evening.

phoenix Tue 25-Aug-20 18:55:14

Well, it was jolly nice!

The pork could have been slightly more thender, but the sauce was lovely, even if I do say so myself!

Charleygirl, why, what didn't you like the sound of?

Lucca Tue 25-Aug-20 18:58:38

One of the joys of living alone is that you can eat rather random meals without comment.... Iā€™m just going to have a courgette leek and cheese frittata with a fish cake.....

timetogo2016 Sat 29-Aug-20 16:20:12

Put the smaller one in ten minutes after the fat one.
That should do the trick.

loopyloo Sat 29-Aug-20 17:10:47

Well it sounds delicious! Perhaps with basmati rice?

paddyanne Sat 29-Aug-20 18:13:22

I came to this too late but for next time ,soak your pork in some brine salt. sugar and just warm water for half an hour before cooking it.It keeps it moist even if its cooked a wee ebit longer than usual .Make your sauce seperately using the pan juices after you've pan fried it and pour over your steaks.I dont eat pork but I always get complimented on how it turns out