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Knorr concentrated stock - why is it unavailable?

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Espana Mon 16-Nov-20 16:28:02

Have used this stock for a number of years but haven’t been abe to get it for two months or so. Does anyone know why or, better still, does anyone know where I can get it. Tried Sainsbury’s,Tesco and Morrison but staff don’t seem to know why it’s not available.

Jane10 Mon 16-Nov-20 16:33:51

I can't find Knorr ham stock cubes anywhere

phoenix Mon 16-Nov-20 16:40:19

Espana, I've only ever seen Knorr stock cubes or Knorr stock pots, never seen concentrated variety. confused

petra Mon 16-Nov-20 16:50:53

Lots of knorr products on Amazon & Ebay

bikergran Mon 16-Nov-20 16:57:15

Do you mean the little cubes in yellow box.If so we have them at Asda. Not sure if they are concentrated ones. Are they different from ordinary ones.

rosecarmel Mon 16-Nov-20 17:46:58

The only Knorr product I ever liked was their Hunter Gravy-

FannyCornforth Mon 16-Nov-20 17:48:22

Isn't it all concentrated?

phoenix Mon 16-Nov-20 17:51:03

Never seen that one rosecarmel but do use the stock pots, the veg ones are very good for soup making.

Mal44 Mon 16-Nov-20 17:56:45

I have also tried every supermarket for the bottles of Knorr concentrated stock in all our supermarkets without success.I always used to get it from Waitrose but no more!

phoenix Mon 16-Nov-20 17:57:41

espana, you started 2 threads on this, please come back and respond!

I'm intrigued as to the answer regarding ordinary and concentrated Knorr stock!

Espana Mon 16-Nov-20 18:08:49

no Bikergran and Fannycornforth this is liquid concentrated stock not cubes or stockpots. The beauty is you can use a very minimal amount if you wish. Pity, Jane10 I have the ham stock cubes but can't remember why I bought them- whats your recipe? Thank you Petra I will try Amazon and EBAY.

Thank you all for bothering.

Jane10 Mon 16-Nov-20 20:00:22

I used to use the ham stock cubes in lentil soup. I had them before with no problem them suddenly they've disappeared. I see others on Mumsnet lamenting this too.
However, I've now ordered 2 packs from Amazon. Fingers crossed.

bikergran Tue 17-Nov-20 09:14:09

aha I see, I shall look out for them anyway and if I see I will let you know. smile

Onthenaughtystep1 Tue 17-Nov-20 09:26:23

In Lidl they sell ham and bacon offcuts which are ideal for soup. Much nicer than stock cubes.
Try a squeeze of lemon in lentil soup before serving or serve with a wedge of lemon or lime. Superb.

bikergran Tue 17-Nov-20 17:06:29

I have seen the VEG Knorr concentrated stock in Tesco today, I a bottle £2-30 but there was no meat one.

Espana Wed 18-Nov-20 13:18:33

Many thanks bikergran! Have got one today.

Jane10 Wed 18-Nov-20 14:00:56

Oh gawd. Just heard from Amazon that my stock cubes will be coming in 2 weeks - from China!! They'll be for the bin.
Am still wrestling with Mastercard about the rubbishy item sent from China after ordering from a cloned site. I'd thought Amazon would be better.

bikergran Thu 19-Nov-20 11:34:55

Espana good smile

Jane10 Sat 21-Nov-20 12:51:16

Hooray. My stock cubes arrived today only a few days after I ordered them so obviously from UK. They look fine to me. 2 packs for £5.99 of which £2.70 was postage so they didn't make much profit. Soupmaker out tomorrow!

rosecarmel Sat 21-Nov-20 13:00:34

Knorr products are limited where I live as far as stocks, sauces and gravy are concerned- The flavored noodles are abundant- At least they used to be pre-pandemic-

rosecarmel Sat 21-Nov-20 13:01:14

Yay! 😊

timetogo2016 Sat 21-Nov-20 13:10:13

Delivery problems due to covid apparently,

petra Sat 21-Nov-20 14:13:53

A massive amount of Chinese made goods are warehoused in the uk.
As much as it hurt to buy from china this is what my grandaughter wanted.
Ordered last night, recieved today

Jane10 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:34:11

It certainly doesn't look Chinese. The packaging exactly matches my other Knorr stock cube packaging.
My recent problems with a Chinese cloned website has made me very wary though!

Jane10 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:40:12

Phew. Just googled the seller. He's based in Kilmarnock!
Let soup commence.