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Air Fryers - anyone use one?

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Franbern Sat 09-Jan-21 10:00:42

Noticed QVC selling a compact Air Fryer. They say takes up no more worktop space than a kettle. I am wondering if they are worth having.

Must admit, I do use a good quality frozen oven chips, on those occasions when I feel I must have these. So, except for home-made chips, what else can these machines be useful for?

Graygirl Sat 09-Jan-21 11:47:45

Had one for 5years or so Aldi on line ordering make what do I cook in there, sausages, pork/lamb steaks,fish put it in square of foil,cake, this one has preset programs one being cupcake , frozen chips, anything in breadcrumb coating pre made from freezer works great I only cook for 2 so have compact one. W9in H14in D8in. Now that I have problems with lifting I am a bit of a gadget queen, I can turn out a proper full meal using my steamer +air fryer

MiniMoon Sat 09-Jan-21 13:24:18

I have a 6.5 qt Ninja Foodi which has an air fryer setting. I use it more than any of its other functions. Bacon, sausages, chops are all marvellous, as are potatoes.
We like it so much that DH bought a compact Air fryer to expand our capabilities.

Daddima Sat 09-Jan-21 15:17:30

I have just bought one, and have made chips and roast potatoes, and cooked two lots of fish in foil. I’m defrosting some chicken thighs for tomorrow, and will coat them in a seasoned flour mixture ( salt,pepper,paprika, garlic powder, onion powder and sugar) then into the fryer. I’ve just been looking at You Tube videos, and will find what suits me best by trial and error!

Ohmother Sat 09-Jan-21 15:54:08

I wouldn’t be without my halogen oven which is similar I’m sure.

Bathsheba Sat 09-Jan-21 16:01:44

I've got a small one, and use it for all sorts of things - sausages, chicken pieces, fish in breadcrumbs, jacket potatoes (come out lovely and crisp with fluffy centres - perfect!) and, of course, chips, which are undoubtedly the best chips ever! I wouldn't be without it now.

Hithere Sat 09-Jan-21 17:15:00

I have been instapot one (second one, first air fryer died after 2 years) and it is a game changer

Highly recommended

FlexibleFriend Sat 09-Jan-21 17:23:16

I thought it was a dust collector and eventually gave it away. Chips took forever and weren't all that. Replaced recently with a Ninja foodie max. Now that I would recommend.

Bakingmad0203 Sat 09-Jan-21 17:26:47

I’ve been thinking about getting one too. How easy are they to clean? I’m fed up with trying to keep the ceramic hob clean after DH’s fry ups😡

Hithere Sat 09-Jan-21 17:52:53

I would say same cleanup

Franbern Sun 10-Jan-21 15:05:13

bathsheba how easy are they to keep clean? And do you have to keep pulling out the drawer and shaking the food around?
In other words, are they actually good for saving work and time?

Marydoll Sun 10-Jan-21 15:14:28

Instead of bringing me flowers yesterday after being in hospital, my daughter and SIL bought me an air dryer from Asda in the sale.
I have resisted them for years, I LOVE it!

25Avalon Sun 10-Jan-21 15:20:27

We had a large commercial one made in the States so we could serve chips without the messy oil. We thought it would be fast but it isn’t. So I read up on it. If I get McCaines frozen quick French fries then it does do them in about 5 minutes. They are more expensive but we make a decent profit on them or we did pre Covid last February.

Blondiescot Sun 10-Jan-21 15:48:00

I don't think I would get much use out of an airfryer on its own, but I recently bought a Ninja Foodi Max 9-in-1 which has an air fry function and I love it!

Marydoll Sun 10-Jan-21 15:50:31

Blondiescot my daughter has a Ninja like yours. I have Ninja 💚

GreyKnitter Sun 10-Jan-21 15:52:28

We have an actifry with a layer at the top for cooking meat etc. Love it, use it a couple of times every week and wouldnt be without it. Makes yummy chips, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, fish, chops, burgers etc. Negatives are that it does take up a lot of space and not cheap to buy. If you can afford the cost and the space then I’d say go for it!

M0nica Sun 10-Jan-21 17:58:49

Got one at Christmas. It was on my wish list following it being highly recommended by DD. It is still in the box as, with DH's return from hospital I have yet to have time to explore it.

Mine is a low capacity one as there are only two in our household. It is a bottom of the range one, in case I do not get on with it.

I bought a soup maker last year after a friend waxed lyrical about them, but was very unimpressed. The ingredients all had to be prepared to such precise specifications and anyway, we prefer lumpy soup to smooth. Within a few months the heating element failed, just as lockdown started. i meant to take it back but eventually just through it away and wrote it off to expereince. It was not expensive.

Susan56 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:11:48

Our daughter bought DH one for Christmas.We well actually he hasn’t been very adventurous with it yet but we have sent for a recipe book so will let you know how it goes!

Chewbacca Sun 10-Jan-21 18:15:48

Lidl currently have a digital air fryer, 2.3 ltr, @ £49.99. Their electrical stuff is usually pretty good.

M0nica Sun 10-Jan-21 18:17:35

Mine cost £30 in Currys

Meaux Sun 10-Jan-21 18:39:33

I have a ProScenic 5 litre air fryer. It is the fourth airfryer I have owned and also the largest. The reason I have had so many is that I use them to death 😂. I even take them away with me in my campervan, because they are so versatile. My advice would be to get the biggest capacity you can, because once you start getting the hang of it, you will be glad you did. I even make croissants and muffins in mine. Check out Kerry Whelpdale’s ‘things you can do in your airfryer’ on YouTube for some ideas. She has made three videos recently and, in my opinion, the first one is the best.