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Is the Prestige Twist and Turn Pressure cooker any good?

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25Avalon Thu 04-Feb-21 15:40:24

I am thinking of buying the Prestige stainless steel twist and turn pressure cooker 6L size. Has anyone on GN got one of these and would they recommend it? Many thanks

keepingquiet Fri 05-Feb-21 08:52:28

I no longer have one but used mine for years. Maybe it's time they made a comeback. Would love to know how you get on.

JackyB Sat 06-Feb-21 19:50:09

I am wary of pressure cookers with complicated valves and gubbins. I got the simple one which works with weights as a wedding present. I loved it and used it a lot, but would like one with a stainless steel pan rather than an aluminium one.

In between times I had a more modern one which had a plastic handle with an integrated valve system, but that didn't last very long.

However I am sure they are safety tested these days and the quality of the plastic has improved.

The picture shows a pressure cooker which works similar to my old one, although it is not a Prestige.

25Avalon Sun 07-Feb-21 08:10:09

I quiet like the Prestige one as it has 2 handles and is stainless steel but I am not sure it had a trivet. If not I am wondering how good it is for steamed puddings.