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does anyone have a recipe for thin cheese biscuits please?

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JaneJudge Fri 02-Apr-21 15:36:50

specifically something that will be similar to these?

they've accidentally been eaten

Sago Fri 02-Apr-21 16:02:21

I make these cut them out and freeze.
I pop them in the oven straight from the freezer.
They keep in a tin but I don’t know how long for they get eaten too soon.
I spread homemade pesto on them😁

Elegran Fri 02-Apr-21 16:06:06

I don't know about a recipe, but a list of the ingredients is at . You may be able to combine Sago's recipe with these ingredients and get a version of the M&S biscuits.

JaneJudge Fri 02-Apr-21 18:08:09

thank you sago smile I will have a go tomorrow, they look lush x

JaneJudge Sat 03-Apr-21 14:15:49

I think the photos might be upside down grin but they are not going to last very long at all!