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Add 'em all cake, or Adam Hall cake?

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MamaCaz Mon 05-Apr-21 22:27:00

My OH has occasionally mentioned a cake that his mother used to make. I always heard it as 'add 'em all cake (and assumed that it was made by the all-in-one method), but he has just told me that no, as far as he knows, it was called 'Adam Hall cake'.

I'm not convinced, so to try to settle our disagreement,, I have Googled both terms, but come up with nothing, so I wondered if any of you have ever heard of either of these cakes? grin

NotSpaghetti Mon 05-Apr-21 22:35:30

Ha ha! What a terrific problem. I hope someone knows.

Callistemon Mon 05-Apr-21 23:34:41

I think it must have been your MIL's secret recipe, MamaCaz!

Perhaps she used to mix up what was left in the pantry before she went for the week's grocery shopping.

"I'll just add a few those raisins and currants that look past their best - oh, I'll just add 'em all!".
It probably turned out better than anything carefully weighed

Callistemon Mon 05-Apr-21 23:37:31

I found a Toss-In cake recipe:

MamaCaz Tue 06-Apr-21 07:38:04

Yes, I saw that Callistemon - it made me smile, given how language has changed grin

You might be right about it being her own recipe. I guess we might never know now for sure! smile

janeainsworth Tue 06-Apr-21 07:41:00

It sounds like one of my made-y-up dinners mamacaz. I’ll leave you to guess the ingredients grin

MamaCaz Tue 06-Apr-21 07:45:18

I do quite a few dinners like that too, Janeainsworth. From now on, I shall call them add 'em all meals, and OH can call them Adam Hall meals if he likes grin