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Malted Milk Biscuits

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grannyrebel7 Tue 01-Jun-21 10:51:48

I don't normally buy biscuits, but have recently indulged in ordinary malted milk biscuits and the chocolate ones. Big mistake! I can't stop eating them. What's in them to make them so addictive? They're absolutely lovely especially the chocolate ones! It's impossible to have just one. I need 4 at least. DH is the same. I am never going to buy them again They're just too delicious 😋 Any other malted milk addicts out there? smile

tanith Tue 01-Jun-21 10:54:30

My late husband was addicted but I don’t remember the chocolate ones maybe a recent thing. I’ve known him scoff more the half a pack in one sitting.

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Jun-21 13:39:28

You are so right.
I don't eat many biscuits these days, but I remember when I was in my 20s I would eat a full packet of the chocolate ones on a regular basis

nanna8 Tue 01-Jun-21 13:41:46

Oh you bad lot! Now I’m going to go and find some to eat during lockdown!

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Jun-21 13:53:32

And don't dunk them - it's fatal!

tanith Tue 01-Jun-21 13:57:53

FannyCornforth many’s the time DH ruined a perfectly good cuppa whilst trying to dunk them quickly 🤣

Susan56 Tue 01-Jun-21 14:05:00

They were my daughters favourite biscuits as a child.She used to call them cow biscuits!

Callistemon Tue 01-Jun-21 14:53:12

I call them cow biscuits too.

And I want some - now!

welbeck Tue 01-Jun-21 14:55:32

are they the ones with a grazing cow embossed on them, they have them in aldi.
they do look v attractive.
something about the picture.
am v childish.

BBbevan Tue 01-Jun-21 16:28:36

Snap Susan and Callistemon

AGAA4 Tue 01-Jun-21 16:33:55

My favourite biscuits. I like just the plain ones.

Callistemon Tue 01-Jun-21 16:37:34

I may have to buy some chocolate ones just to find out if the cow disappears under the chocolate.

No other reason, of course.

3nanny6 Tue 01-Jun-21 16:44:56

I have never seen the chocolate ones, are the chocolate ones just coated on one side? Do not eat malted milk very often these days but give me a jaffa cake and the box soon starts to empty.
Now I've started something is the jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?
To me it's a biscuit and nice with a cup of tea.
I just may have to go to the shops now and get some.

ixion Tue 01-Jun-21 16:48:23

'Cow biscuits'!
My mother used to give these to our children and always called them cow biscuits. I'd forgotten.
Thank you so much for unlocking that memory!

Katyj Tue 01-Jun-21 17:16:08

Oh now your talking ! My favourites and my two sons love them too. I buy the plain ones from M and S trying to save calories, but their very moorish 🙄

Gwyneth Tue 01-Jun-21 18:24:00

We still call them ‘cow biscuits’ in our house and love them.

Galaxy Tue 01-Jun-21 18:45:42

Yes cow biscuits from my children too.
I suspect they contain illegal substances.

SueDonim Tue 01-Jun-21 18:51:29

Cow biscuits! The imprint of a cow somehow lulls me into thinking it’s healthy. grin. I haven’t had a packet for years. :reaches for shopping list:

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 08:24:17

I'm going to tell you something a little bit secret...
I've got a sort of mini-kitchen going on in bedroomblush
I've got a kettle and tea tray like you get in a B&B (only better) and a bag full of delicate snacks including Eccles cakes, M&S Sultana Cookies and, yes, Cow Biscuits. Double blush and also 🤫

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 08:25:02

Delicious, not delicate, dammit!

jusnoneed Wed 02-Jun-21 08:31:41

My sons loves the chocolate ones, hasn't had any for ages so maybe treat him to a pack this week if I can find them in Tesco - used to buy Asda's but don't get there very often now.

3nanny6 yes they are half coated.

BlueSky Wed 02-Jun-21 08:41:44

I love all the 1970’s biscuits when the children were little! Malted Milk, Nice, Bourbon, Custard Creams, Digestives, Rich Tea ... The old ones are still the best, must get some! brew

Witzend Wed 02-Jun-21 08:55:35

I hardly ever buy any biscuits, because I can’t stop eating them. 🐷.

Shropshirelass Wed 02-Jun-21 09:00:44

Yes, I agree, there is something about them and chocolate ones are heaven. Only thing wrong with them is that the packets are way too small.!

BlueSky Wed 02-Jun-21 09:11:03

Witzend just get one or two out with your cuppa, and leave the packed in the cupboard!