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A cabbage, a squash, 1 leek and baby spinach

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Tizliz Mon 14-Jun-21 18:18:59

What can I make? If it is soup it needs to be thick and spicy!

Don’t know what has gone wrong with the shopping lately, must write out a weekly menu

Skydancer Mon 14-Jun-21 18:23:10

Definitely soup. Just add tasty stock. Mash it all up rather than blend it. Add lentils if you have any. Delicious.

Blossoming Mon 14-Jun-21 18:24:55

Soup or stir fry. Not a fan of squash myself. I would probably add some rice.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 14-Jun-21 18:48:11

I would stuff the squash with the other ingredients add herbs and seasoning then bake, top with cheese for last 5-8 minutes.

3dognight Mon 14-Jun-21 18:53:22

Add a potato, cook it all as you would for dinner, mash the potato and squash, and combine with the other veg, chill for a few hours or overnight and fry up as ‘bubble and squeak’.
With some bacon and tomato sauce - that would be lovely.

shysal Mon 14-Jun-21 18:58:35

If you have eggs you could try a frittata, roasting the squash first for extra flavour.

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Jun-21 19:07:28

Add potatoes and curry spices.

Calendargirl Mon 14-Jun-21 19:39:20

According to the latest tv adverts, as long as you have a jar of mayonnaise, no problem, you can rustle up a meal!

Tizliz Mon 14-Jun-21 19:41:58

Potatoes and lentils and curry spice I think. Did stuffed squash for vegetarian friend last week and OH was not over impressed. Any hints on cutting the squash? Nearly lost a finger last time

Thanks everyone

MiniMoon Mon 14-Jun-21 21:20:52

I'd go with minestrone soup. You can put all manner of vegetables in that. Yummy.

fevertree Mon 14-Jun-21 22:06:39

Chop it all up, saute / add it to an onion and tomato basic sauce, add red lentils. Once all cooked use it in vegetarian lasagne. Yum!

NotAGran55 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:11:58

I’m with 3dognight . Bubble and squeak . Yummy!

muffinthemoo Tue 15-Jun-21 00:02:06

Soup. Add a tin of (non baked) beans of some type - cannelini are good for this - to add some body. Couple of tins of tomatoes. Stock and other flavourings to taste. Blend. Red lentils are good to add to good for more body and protein.

Sago Tue 15-Jun-21 07:50:18

The four ingredients are not good bedfellows so don’t cook them together.
Cabbage is great finely shredded for salad and coleslaw.
Squash freezes well.
Spinach is a delicious salad base or served wilted over new potatoes with toasted pine nuts.
Braised leek with a bechamel/cheese sauce is a great side dish and also freezes.

Lucca Tue 15-Jun-21 08:00:45

Sago please would you sort out menus for me !! I want to eat fewer carbs but I’m not great with veg.( can’t eat tomatoes don’t like raw onions or kale or beetroot) Live alone so I find I have to buy too big a quantity of things. I make a lot of soups already.

M0nica Tue 15-Jun-21 08:20:57

I would make a curry, several in fact. One with the squash, then make dhall and add the spinach finally make adry cabbage curry with the cabbage and leek.

All that is needed is rice/chapati/naan bread and you have a complete meal. Freeze any curry left over for another day.

Tizliz Tue 15-Jun-21 08:24:16

You are all more adventurous than I am, will have to pull my socks up.

Knopflerfan Wed 16-Jun-21 10:34:38

This is why I’m SO glad I found GN! What a brilliant, interesting and varied set of replies ... reflecting what a great range of people us Grans (and Grandads) really are. Love it!

Now, can I find that butternut squash I saw at the back of the fridge some time in April...?

Tizliz Wed 16-Jun-21 10:51:36

I realise that last time I didn’t cut a bit off the top and bottom to make it flat, easier to cut

Sago Thu 17-Jun-21 09:08:04

Lucca It’s so hard cutting down on the carbs, I love potatoes and bread so try hard to limit how much I eat.

Firstly sourdough bread is fine as because it’s fermented the carbs are easier for the body to break down..

Make root veg patties with a little potato, cauliflower, swede, squash etc any combination is fine but heavy on the cauliflower and light on the potato, just boil or steam,season mash, shape and then fry them a couple of mins each side then put in an oven for 10 mins. These freeze well.

Blanch green beans, broccoli or mange tout to put in salads.

Finally drain a tin of cannelini beans and or kidney beans add finely chopped carrot, cucumber, sweet corn, raisins, blanched green beans finely chopped, celery basically anything you like, mix together in a bowl with a lid add fresh basil or parsley then spoon over a home made dressing and if you like it a tin if tuna.
This lasts 3/4 days in the fridge and is a delicious and filling lunch.
There are a few carbs in this but it fills you up so well.