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beth20 Fri 20-Aug-21 09:35:05

I would like to send DiL a Bake Off kit box, available by mail order. Any one any idea if this is a good scheme?

shysal Fri 20-Aug-21 09:58:18

I hadn't heard about this scheme so Googled it. As it is a subscription service it wouldn't interest me, but I suppose it would make a welcome, if expensive, gift. I hope you will get some feedback on here.

grandMattie Fri 20-Aug-21 10:08:50

I have used another company called “Bakedin” several times and have found them excellent.

grandMattie Fri 20-Aug-21 10:09:29

Oh, and Baked in can be a one off or subscription!

shysal Fri 20-Aug-21 10:14:28

I remember now that I did buy a couple of kits from Bakedin from a shopping channel. They were for student GCs and they reported that the results were very tasty. The ones I bought were the rainbow cake and chocolate brownies.

toscalily Fri 20-Aug-21 10:23:39

I hate to be negative, but if you do a little research the reviews on this particular gift box service are very poor indeed. I don't think it looks very good value either, £19.99 for a cake that you have to bake yourself, do you have to buy extra's like butter or eggs, does she have the cake tins needed? no good having a kit if you still have to go to the shop for something else

NannyJan53 Fri 20-Aug-21 10:33:07

I have used it the past for my granddaughters Postnbake. You can order as a one off. They loved the results.

beth20 Fri 20-Aug-21 10:37:37

Thank you all.
Toscalily I did read reviews, but just wanted another angle. And yes, you do have to buy extras so think it's back to the drawing board for me.
grandMattie I'll take a look at Bakedin, thanks

toscalily Fri 20-Aug-21 10:41:55

Sorry beth20 I really did not want to put a downer on your idea but having bought various things for my DIL's over the years and occasionally got it very wrong indeed (embarrassing) I wanted to give an honest opinion.

beth20 Fri 20-Aug-21 18:24:22

toscalily No offence intended or taken.
£20 is lot of money to fork out 'on spec' and I was already a bit concerned having read the ingredients of Paul Hollywood's baking box kits in Sainsbury's, but both son and DiL are fans of Bake Off so thought this would be appropriate if it was any good.
I appreciate the time and thought you gave.

toscalily Fri 20-Aug-21 19:10:55

Would they like one of the Great British Bake Off cookery books (if they don't have any). Perhaps you could make up your own Box/Hamper with a selection of baking ingredients, maybe put into a large mixing bowl, add a wooden spoon/whisk, personalised, perhaps to co-ordinate with their kitchen. I did a similar baking theme for two of my granddaughters last Christmas which they really enjoyed.

beth20 Fri 20-Aug-21 20:16:43

Now there's an idea to run with - I think a 'brownie bowl' might just hit the spot, Thank you.

granshe Sat 21-Aug-21 15:37:22

I bought my 10 and 13 year old granddaughters 6 month Bakedin subscriptions last Christmas. One was a bread one and the other a cake one . They were a fantastic hit and the boxes are beautifully presented with folders to keep the wipe down recipes in. There are back up videos if needed online. The variety of cakes and breads was excellent - and we had tastes of each one. All were successful.

beth20 Sat 21-Aug-21 15:48:36

Thank you. Bakedin does look better value so will bear it in mind for GD's birthday later this year.
A friend-of-a-friend has experience of the BakeOff box and says the list of additional shopping can get quite pricey, so I'll leave that for now.

LumpySpacedPrincess Sat 21-Aug-21 20:50:07


I have used another company called “Bakedin” several times and have found them excellent.

They are fantastic aren't they, so delicious.

I get this for dd and she's really upskilled following the recipes.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Aug-21 20:56:34

I m a bit dim but why would you pay all that money when you can just buy the ingredients from the supermarket

beth20 Mon 23-Aug-21 21:00:49

BlueBelle yes, you can buy everything it's true but not in small quantities. The box comes with ingredients weighed out so you don't end up with bits and pieces of leftover ingredients in the cupboard.
I haven't used a baking box but did enjoy experimenting with a few meal boxes when all the ingredients were included and I wasn't left with a tub of a random spice that I'd never use again.