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Cherry chili peppers

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Shelbel Thu 16-Sep-21 11:44:24

I have grown loads of these small peppers which are now starting to ripen. I wanted to make those antipasti ones filled with cream cheese. First I need to find out how they are preserved and with what. The ones I've seen in a jar have a sort of sweet pickle type brine. I've searched Google but haven't found it yet. They also need to be cooked. I'm kind of stumped on what to do. Anyone done this before?
Like these

Espana Fri 17-Sep-21 17:33:49

Try inputting “stuffed cherry peppers” into google. Sounds lovely, good luck.!

Elegran Fri 17-Sep-21 18:14:12

Found on Google something relevant.
There are lots of recipes for stuffing these peppers. I don't know whether you could bottle them after stuffing them, or have to stuff them after bottling them.