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Ideas please for accompaniments for a Fondue

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Greendress Mon 20-Sep-21 12:17:57

I'm hosting a Fondue evening for 12 and would be most grateful for ideas on what to serve with it other than breads.

MayBeMaw Mon 20-Sep-21 12:20:44

I love cheese fondue and seem to remember little dishes of pickles- cornichons etc in Switzerland.
However I might question if a “dipping” meal is wise under present conditions?

Peasblossom Mon 20-Sep-21 12:22:13

MawBeMaw that’s the first thing I thought too.?

Riverwalk Mon 20-Sep-21 12:40:28

My son lives in Switzerland so I've had many a cheese fondue - as well as pickles etc, a salad is usually served.

As for dipping - I think the protocol seems to be the contents of the dipped forky thing is put onto your own plate, then you eat it with another fork.

I assume husband & wife and other co-habitees eat directly off the dipping fork.

dragonfly46 Mon 20-Sep-21 12:42:36

When I do cheese fondue I make small salads of various things to go with it. For example - tomato and onion, cucumber with rice vinegar, couscous, quinoa.....
But I too would not do one in the present climate unless it is just for the two of us.

NotAGran55 Mon 20-Sep-21 15:18:22

My brother is a big cheese fondue fan and always serves diced potatoes to dip too .

I’m probably being thick, but what is the issue with a dipping meal?

Welshwife Mon 20-Sep-21 15:32:41

You can do a meat fondue where you have hot oil in the pan and dip small thin pieces of meat in.
We went out with DD yesterday and had a sharing meal so were careful to serve the food onto our plates before using our cutlery.

silverlining48 Mon 20-Sep-21 17:15:51

Am really not a fan of fondue, so my idea of an accompaniment would be a nice medium rare sirloin steak with new potatoes and a fresh green salad. grin.
We had fondue in our hotel in Switzerland years ago and stale bread dipped into cheese sauce was not my idea of a healthy or filling meal. It’s very 70 s, is there a revival?
However that’s only my opinion so hope you have an enjoyable evening Greendress.

Greendress Tue 21-Sep-21 08:41:34

Thank you all for your suggestions which I will include. I will be making the traditional fondue with Gruyere and Emmental and also a separate hot oil one with fillet steak. I used to serve fondues back in the 70's and 80's quite frequently and was asked by an old friend to make one for her birthday. We are aware of the issues with cross contamination and will have an abundance of fondue forks. Also all the guests will be 'testing' for CV on the day. Thanks again all flowersflowers