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What to eat with Quinoa

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Allsorts Thu 30-Sep-21 05:16:01

Thank you all. It’s not something I would buy again, it is there to add bulk and absorb other flavours, However, I don’t like the texture, that is why I can’t eat soya in any form. I think in future I will make her roasted vegetables and spicy rice, which I know she likes.

Rebeccaharris01 Thu 30-Sep-21 05:07:45

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Jane71 Wed 29-Sep-21 20:10:20

Surely you can use it in a similar way to rice, or bulgar wheat?

moorlikeit Wed 29-Sep-21 17:57:50

My suggestion is to use butternut squash in some form or other as it goes so well with seeds and quinoa. It is always best roasted first to caramelise it - cut in rings or cubes with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon on top, then in the oven for approx 30-45 minutes. You could include other veg in the roasting tin e.g. peppers, sweet potatoes, onions, parsnips, garlic etc. Then add to the quinoa and top it off with Greek yogurt or creme fraiche.
Adding tinned lentils or rice to the quinoa will also bulk it up.

BlueBelle Tue 28-Sep-21 07:50:56

But even a curry doesn’t have to be spicy allsorts it can be as bland as your taste buds want
All those lovely ideas and you ll just do roast vegi s ??‍♀️
How old is this lass ? If she’s over 8 ask her what she likes to eat if she’s only little ask her mum

Allsorts Tue 28-Sep-21 07:31:18

Thank you all. I will roast vegetables and hope for the best, she doesn’t like spicy food, also getting a quality vegan ready meal, then she can choose. I eat almost everything apart from offal and veal.

JackyB Mon 27-Sep-21 14:25:00

I have several recipes where you cook it and cool it and make a sort of taboulé. There are no limits to the variety of stuff you can mix it with. It has a pleasant nutty taste although the consistency probably isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Mollygo Mon 27-Sep-21 11:20:29

I cook it it like SachaMac for the GC who like it, but personally I like Sago’s suggestion. My DH and AC children don’t mind it when used to add extra extra texture to curries, so that’s how I use it if I have any left.

Witzend Mon 27-Sep-21 10:10:39


Quinoa is best simmered gently, left to cool then placed in a square of old newspaper and put straight in a bin.
A good alternative to quinoa is cardboard.


Redhead56 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:59:41

I just treat it like a rice addition to a meal veggie curry chilli kebab etc.

Hetty58 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:58:13

I use it as an alternative to rice. I really love a chickpea and cauliflower curry - or chickpea and spinach - or carrot and cauliflower - all very tasty!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:56:41

Mix it with rice don’t waste it??.

grandMattie Mon 27-Sep-21 09:53:00

I was going to add, use quinoa like freekeh, bulgur or couscous. Although it is packed full of protein, it’s essentially a carbohydrate.

halfpint1 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:50:15


Quinoa is best simmered gently, left to cool then placed in a square of old newspaper and put straight in a bin.
A good alternative to quinoa is cardboard.


Kate54 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:48:14

Sago grin completely agree! On of the worst things I’ve ever eaten.

SachaMac Mon 27-Sep-21 09:25:57

There’s a good recipe in the Pinch of Nom book called Rainbow Cous Cous, you could easily use the quinoa in place of the cous cous. I think it’s available if you google it. Basically you cook the quinoa in veg stock, fluff up & cool, add chopped peppers, cucumber, spring onion,tomatoes, fresh mint, pomegranate seeds & feta cheese, a little dressing & seasoning. Obviously you’d have to leave out the feta or add a vegan alternative for your grandaughter, Its very tasty & always goes down well with my grandchildren.

Sago Mon 27-Sep-21 09:06:11

Quinoa is best simmered gently, left to cool then placed in a square of old newspaper and put straight in a bin.
A good alternative to quinoa is cardboard.

DiscoGran Mon 27-Sep-21 09:05:23

I tend to think of quinoa as a"filler" akin to bulgur wheat in a meal usually a curry or other highly flavoured recipe. I add either about 10 mins from the end of cooking to soak up all the flavours and it means you don't need to serve rice or pasta with a dish.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Sep-21 09:04:20

BlueBelle Mon 27-Sep-21 08:55:47

Oh my goodness the combination are innumerable it’s not something to serve on its own
How old is she? Ask her what she likes to eat? If she’s young ask her parents? If she’s young look up some recipes and do them together
I love my stir fries or curry’s with rice and noodles but there are some wonderful vegan recipes one I want to try is courgette and spring onion fritters I saw the receipt recently and it looked delicious ( I m not vegan just don’t eat meat of fish ) but there are loads of lovely vegan receipts online

MrsTagain Mon 27-Sep-21 08:25:06

What vegetables CAN she eat? Onions? Tomatoes? Celery? Carrots? I frequently eat them stirred into brown rice, cooked in a slow cooker. I'm vegetarian, so head for the cheese, but if I'm trying to avoid dairy, I stir in some vegan curry paste (Co-op) or vegan pesto or similar. You can stir fry the veg in sunflower oil to make it tasty. And have a look for vegan quinoa recipes on Google.

Aldom Mon 27-Sep-21 08:18:49

You could make her a vegan curry, lots of recipes online for curry and other mains.

LullyDully Mon 27-Sep-21 08:16:48

It would be better to ask her what she would eat that you could cook. She will understand that you are new to this and maybe give her the quinoa to take home for another day.

Allsorts Mon 27-Sep-21 08:09:15

I bought a big packet of Quinoa with pumpkin seeds for my vegan granddaughter, what on earth do you serve with it? It’s just a bowl of seeds? Shecwntveatvauberginesvir mushroom and can’t think what else to make it more palatable.