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Milk icing

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Baggs Thu 30-Sep-21 13:04:22

Has anyone ever made icing with milk instead of water?

toscalily Thu 30-Sep-21 13:45:09

If you mean the simple water & icing sugar kind then yes. Also used lemon, orange and elderflower to be able to spread or drizzle.

toscalily Thu 30-Sep-21 13:46:28

I should add that if I needed a quick chocolate icing would just add cocoa powder and definitely use milk for that.

Redhead56 Thu 30-Sep-21 15:46:48

I would add cocoa and icing sugar to sweeten for chocolate. Coffee and icing sugar for coffee icing.

lemongrove Thu 30-Sep-21 15:49:07

No, what is icing made with milk like?

Lolo81 Thu 30-Sep-21 17:01:37

I always mix icing sugar with milk for fairy cakes etc. That’s the way my Papa taught me, I remember being horrified in home ec at school when they said to use water ?

V3ra Thu 30-Sep-21 17:52:09

I like glace icing made with orange juice.
Can't remember trying it with milk.

Baggs Thu 30-Sep-21 19:00:10

Thanks, everyone. I hadn't come across milk icing before; always used water or fruit juice, etc. I did find something that said cakes iced with milk icing should be refridgerated even though the icing sugar does act as a stabiliser to the milk. As it is, I've cut the square apple and cinnamon cake into pieces and frozen them so MrB and I can just take out one piece at a time.