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How to stop oven baked frittata from sticking

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Beswitched Tue 01-Mar-22 14:24:02

That's great advice. Thank you everyone.

teabagwoman Tue 01-Mar-22 08:11:57

I line my tin with baking parchment and spray the parchment liberally with low fat spray. Generally works.

M0nica Tue 01-Mar-22 07:55:33

I have always oven cooked fritatta and have always greased the dish I am cooking it in.

shysal Tue 01-Mar-22 07:41:33

This is the recipe I use if anyone is interested.

shysal Tue 01-Mar-22 07:37:09

I successfully use a cake tin liner and also spray oil to be sure.
Good luck!

mumofmadboys Mon 28-Feb-22 21:53:39

I use a circular cake tin and use a cake tin liner from Lakeland. Comes out without sticking at all.

Niobe Mon 28-Feb-22 21:45:11

I bake it in a silicone dish and it never sticks.

grannypiper Mon 28-Feb-22 20:54:35

Try using spray oil, works a treat

Beswitched Mon 28-Feb-22 20:37:40

Just made oven baked frittata for the first time. Recipe said to line the dish with baking parchment but the frittata stuck like glue. Other than that it was lovely. Any tips on how to stop it sticking?