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Turkey burgers

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Beswitched Wed 09-Mar-22 20:24:47

Anyone any tips on how to make these juicy and tasty? I've just made some with breadcrumbs and loads of coriander and carrot and some ginger, soya sauce and 5 spice and they still tasted dry and dull.

Elizabeth27 Wed 09-Mar-22 20:35:28

You need to add some moisture to the minced meat, mayonnaise, yoghurt,mushrooms or cream cheese are good additions. Use thigh meat rather than breast.

Josieann Wed 09-Mar-22 20:43:56

DH is the chef here. He maintains that handling the Turkey meat a lot "stresses" it and it loses moisture. So don't pat it and squash it too much, also resist turning it over constantly in the pan and flattening it with the spatula.

MawtheMerrier Wed 09-Mar-22 21:41:39

Turkey is a lean meat and it is the fat in meat which gives it the flavour. Look at lamb for instance- shoulder of lamb is fattier than leg, but has a sweeter favour. Or compare chicken thighs (flavour especially with the skin on) with lean breast - dry and flavourless once the skin has been removed.

Allsorts Wed 09-Mar-22 21:44:29

I go vegetarian those days I don’t eat proper meat. There’s no texture or flavour in the slimming options or soya,

Beswitched Thu 10-Mar-22 08:35:48

Thanks everyone

Sago Thu 10-Mar-22 08:42:55

The secret to a good homemade burger is to purée the onion first and use this to bind, never use breadcrumbs.
Purée the onion then blitz a red chilli, ginger, cumin, garlic and fresh coriander add a squeeze of lime if you have it, this activates the spice.
Mix well with your hands, shape an allow to sit in the fridge a while.
Fry either side for a couple of minutes then bake in the oven..

govani71 Mon 21-Mar-22 12:15:47

Great turkey burger tips, thank you!