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Bok choy ideas.

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Esspee Thu 17-Mar-22 10:56:38

We use Pak Choi as a veg side dish with anything. It looks very elegant cut in half vertically and steamed. I usually make a sauce to go with it with onions, colourful peppers and mushrooms with a little soy sauce.
It works well with things like pork chops, roast chicken etc.

Witzend Thu 17-Mar-22 10:30:45

I usually use it in a stir fry or soup, but also do a side dish of stir fried veg, with any suitable ones I have, inc. shredded cabbage. Goes v well with egg fried rice, usually with a few bits of leftover chicken added here, or a few little prawns.

IIRC just a little oil, sauce made of 2 tbsps water, 2 of oyster sauce, 1 of soy ditto. I will usually add garlic, plus red chilli and ginger pastes, which more often than not come out of little jars from Asda.

nanna8 Mon 14-Mar-22 22:26:54

Yes stir fry or perhaps in a quiche with tomato? I do stir fry marinara mix with soy and bok chow, sometimes oyster sauce.

CanadianGran Mon 14-Mar-22 21:48:33

Hello, I have some baby bok choy to use up this evening. Any ideas? I used some in wonton soup, but enough left for another meal since it comes in a package.

Most likely I will stir fry with onion, mushrooms, and serve with rice and leftover chicken, but looking for other ideas.