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Red pepper flakes ??

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Witzend Thu 31-Mar-22 14:56:22

I’ve got a recipe (yellow lentil dal) that calls for these, but couldn’t find any in even a big selection of herbs and spices earlier.
I wonder whether they mean red chilli flakes, which I do have?

I’ll probably try it with some of those those, and sling in some chopped red pepper anyway.

I use lots of red lentils but a packet of yellow ones has been sitting in the cupboard for ages, high time I used some up. We’ll have it with some nice warm naan bread. ?

Blondiescot Thu 31-Mar-22 15:23:30

Red pepper flakes are different from red chilli flakes, but you could use those as a substitute, I would imagine - just use slightly less as the chilli will be more spicy. I use red pepper flakes in my Turkish dishes, and you can usually get them from any Asian, Turkish or even Mediterranean supermarket.

Baggs Thu 31-Mar-22 15:42:53

Prolly do mean chilli flakes. I never use chilli but I make awesome dal.

Baggs Thu 31-Mar-22 15:43:54

Then I read blondiescot's post ☺️

Blondiescot Thu 31-Mar-22 16:13:46

Weirdly, if you google the difference, it says the red pepper flakes are hotter, but I've always found it to be the other way round. Either way, I'd add a little to begin with and taste as you go - you can always add a little more if you need to, but you can't take it away if it's too hot!

GrannyLaine Thu 31-Mar-22 16:19:07

Nigella uses Aleppo pepper flakes in several dishes, also known as Pul Biber. I eventually tracked them down labelled thus. I'd say more aromatic than just chilli flakes.

BlueBelle Thu 31-Mar-22 16:22:55

Chilli flakes are hotter I think mine chilli flakes are very hot

MawtheMerrier Thu 31-Mar-22 17:51:56

I got mine from Persepolis in SE London , I am attaching contact details

Shrub Thu 31-Mar-22 18:55:08

I bought a jar of Red Pepper Flakes when living in the US in 1992. I’m sure they are chillies…. just tasted them! Even after all this time they are still firery!

Witzend Fri 01-Apr-22 11:45:30

I think it might have been an American recipe, Shrub, all in cups, so you’re probably right. Don’t they call what we just call peppers, bell peppers?

In any case, I used my red chilli flakes and it turned out fine. I shall have the leftovers for lunch. ?