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Naval oranges 5kg

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Treetops05 Mon 04-Apr-22 13:08:37

Thank you, never knew I could freeze whole! The recipes look lovely too xx

Fleur20 Sun 03-Apr-22 15:30:31

With or without the chicken /pumpkin.. delicious...

Fleur20 Sun 03-Apr-22 15:27:02

Dont let the quantity put you off... naval oranges freeze beautifully whole... open freeze and then bag/box. Then you can use them when inspiration/notion strikes..

Baggs Sun 03-Apr-22 14:45:48

Nigella Lawson's chocolate orange cake uses navel oranges.

I used ground almonds rather than hazelnuts.

You have to scroll down quite a lot for the recipe.

Treetops05 Sun 03-Apr-22 13:56:15

I've gone mad and ordered a box of organic oranges through idea why I thought it was a good thing to do?

Does anyone have recipes apart from marmalade for 5kg of Naval orange...and the same of mandarin oranges? ๐ŸŠ