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Sunday Diner

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TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 16:33:41

Today I made this lovely Sunday Diner to cheer myself up

What have you had today smile

fairfraise Sun 03-Apr-22 16:36:14

That looks lovely. I just had a Greek salad, feta cheese etc, with some crusty bread. Yours looks like a real Sunday dinner!

MiniMoon Sun 03-Apr-22 16:42:11

We had beef ragu with tomato and basil pasta. We don't always have a Sunday roast these days.

PECS Sun 03-Apr-22 16:51:50

I have two pieces of chicken in the fridge.... not sure if it will eventually be a casserole, grill or roast!
Had a hot dog at the allotment at midday after a weed clearing working party so not minded to think of food again yet!

lixy Sun 03-Apr-22 16:55:43

A rare roast for us today too as we had visitors. Usually bread, cheese and fruit for lunch.

MissAdventure Sun 03-Apr-22 16:59:20

I dunno.
I have some carrots and swede floating about in the slow cooker.
Perhaps some veggie sausages with onions and the swede/carrots mashed.

grannyrebel7 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:19:16

Traditional roast lamb with roast potatoes, new potatoes, roast parsnips, cabbage, leeks, peas, broccoli and carrots. All served with a lovely thick home-made gravy. Yum!

Georgesgran Sun 03-Apr-22 17:28:40

McDonalds!! Yuck, I know, but having had DGS1 to the zoo that was his preference. He’s such a picky eater, but Mummy told him chicken nuggets were Santa’s favourite food! It’s been great to add this to his diet which is usually dry cereal and toast!

Cabbie21 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:34:03

Sunday roast at 1.15 today as usual. Minus the Yorkshires as I am not very well and did not feel up to making them. The rest was easy.
Only two of us, so we get a good quality joint of beef from our local independent butcher and it will make a total of four meals for two, ie freshly cooked today, cold tomorrow, then two further Sundays of meat sliced and frozen in gravy ready to reheat, works out very good value.

Elizabeth27 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:52:11

That looks lovely, disappointed now in my pasta ready meal I have planned for later.

Rosalyn69 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:52:41

The roast looks lovely. Sadly I don’t like cooking so we have chicken and fresh tomato casserole.

ninathenana Sun 03-Apr-22 17:52:45

We will be having roast chicken, cauli and carrots. Roasties for the boys but none for me as I'm low carb. With gravy of course 😃

ninathenana Sun 03-Apr-22 17:56:09

WOW I don't even cook that much veg for Christmas lunch

HowVeryDareYou Sun 03-Apr-22 17:59:29

That looks lovely. I had chicken curry and rice for lunch (at an outdoor event) and am going to have sausage cassoulet with mashed potatoes and some vegetables soon.

foxie48 Sun 03-Apr-22 18:25:12

We had home made pea and mint soup with a sandwich for lunch, this evening we've got baked gammon + lots of different veg with a cheese sauce. I usually do a meat joint of some sorts on Sunday as it gets used up over a couple of days in various guises. The gammon will morph into a ham and leek pie with puff pastry and a pasta meal.

Kim19 Sun 03-Apr-22 18:35:28

Don't care tell you after looking at that lovely presentation! However, my simple fare did cheer me up too.

Grandmadinosaur Sun 03-Apr-22 18:37:53

I was invited to lunch by my DIL where we had a lovely chicken dinner followed by apple pie and custard.

SachaMac Sun 03-Apr-22 18:44:18

Ive been to the christening of my youngest GD today so haven’t cooked. I’m stuffed full of delicious buffet food & cake. I might have cheese & crackers for supper later if I feel peckish.

TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 18:54:36

Such lovely food mentioned here I do that too, cook a Sunday Diner then it goes on for a couple of days.

Also what I do if I cook chicken drummers is take the chicken off of the bone and cook the bones with veg and a chicken cube, I then drain so I just have the liquid left, put in some vermicelli and have it a chicken soup Not to everyone's taste I'm sure but this is the food if my childhood

timetogo2016 Mon 04-Apr-22 12:33:22

Dh and i had exactly the same as yourself,and it too was really enjoyable.

Redhead56 Mon 04-Apr-22 12:47:20

I roasted a duck made orange sauce served with lots of veg and roasties. I made a custard tart for afters. The leftover duck is for tonight served with more fresh veg.

glammanana Mon 04-Apr-22 13:01:40

I always do a roast on Sunday this week I did chicken, one for me and one for my next door neighbour who is 80+ and doesn't cook properly for himself during the week I did a trifle as a dessert for him with some fresh strawberries,tomorrow I will make some soup with the left over veg so I know he has a hot meal during the day.

Seth32 Thu 21-Apr-22 07:07:24

Last sunday we have Spagghetti and Meatballs for dinner.

Redhead56 Thu 21-Apr-22 08:50:50

I have lots of veg to use up so will be making a veg lasagne with yoghurt and cheese topping.

MiniMoon Thu 21-Apr-22 10:03:11

Roast dinner for us today. Husband got a good deal on a joint of pork, so for today's dinner we will be having roast pork with all the trimmings.
I'm off to put the oven on.