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Dylis Mon 18-Apr-22 11:27:04

I haven't had a food mixer for years and I have decided to buy a new one. I have just had a look on websites but as usual far to much choice. I don't have a huge kitchen and just want something to mix cakes etc that I can hide away in a cupboard until needed. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Sago Mon 18-Apr-22 12:41:38

Just buy a good hand mixer and bowls.

H1954 Mon 18-Apr-22 12:44:23

What Sago said 👆

Dylis Mon 18-Apr-22 12:49:16

Good idea, thanks

Mapleleaf Sun 24-Apr-22 21:54:21

I’ve got a kenwood k mix hand mixer which I would recommend.

mumofmadboys Mon 25-Apr-22 05:05:47

Kenwood food processor. Quite compact and very useful and versatile

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 25-Apr-22 06:51:20

I have a Kenwood and a hand mixer, the Kenwood lives on the worktop and gets used a lot, the hand mixer lives in a cupboard and I often forget I have it.
I think I’ll leave it out as well, it’s just as easy to use.

Franbern Tue 26-Apr-22 12:36:35

Some years ago, I gave my large Kenwood mixer to one of my daughters, and treated myself to a Kenwood Prospero mixer. This takes up so much less room on my worktop, and because of that can be kept there ready to use at any time. Worth having a look at.