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A very disappointing lunch. Should pubs and restaurants be more honest.

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Sago Sun 05-Feb-23 18:31:07

I love to cook and never find it a chore, I’m fairly good at it.
However today my husband insisted we eat out as he felt we’d earned a treat.

When we eat out I like it to be a bit special.

We have just had a really grim lunch and it wasn’t cheap.
When I questioned the manager he confessed that only 1 dish was cooked from scratch on the premises the rest was bought in.

Should restaurants and pubs mark dishes on the menu that are pre prepared?

M0nica Fri 10-Feb-23 19:20:09

welbeck Most peple are interested one way or another in what they eat. They have likes and dislikes and I have often found that even people who seemingly have a minimal interest in food will perk up and make a comment when someone gives them some really good quality food.

I had an uncle who suffered from severe depression, who would normally buy and eat anything the corner shop had going cheap, when he came to stay with us and I served him bacon and sausages from our local farm shop, he immediately commented on how nice they were and how he was enjoying them.

Norah Sat 11-Feb-23 13:57:26

It is disappointing if food out in a restaurant is no better than a ready meal that would never suffice at home.

Perhaps best is never eating in such places? 'Fool me once..'

gangy5 Thu 16-Feb-23 16:27:24

I am an ex restaurateur and trained chef. Most people think that it’s ideal to have a menu with extensive choice. In my book NO NO NO - this is not a good way to go. My favourite restaurants all have small menus - up to say 8 choices for each course. Usually this defines that most of the food is prepared on the premises. Huge chains have ‘kitchen operatives’ not chefs or decent cooks and the majority of the food is delivered ready prepared to the back door.

goose1964 Mon 20-Feb-23 13:31:20

I'm going to stand up for 'Spoons here, their pizzas are as good as you get in most Italian restaurants. Last time I was there I had chicken goujons and although they weren't hand made they were very good.

We normally eat out at our local Italian where they have an open kitchen we know everything is based on the premises.

Greek restaurants have to mark dishes made with frozen ingredients

M0nica Mon 20-Feb-23 16:03:15

We go to a local pub turned restaurant. It is part of a small chain and I am pretty sure that most of the meals are bought in ready prepared, even if they prepare them, themselves and cook chill, and they are actually very good.

They are not cheap, £15.00+ for main courses, some dishes are £15.00+++++ . £7.00 - £10.00 for starters and desserts, but not wildly expensive.

Jaxjacky Mon 20-Feb-23 16:16:24

We had an excellent family meal at a local pub that does food yesterday, choice of three roasts, two vegetarian meals. Local suppliers mentioned on the menu, main courses for 7, including drinks, just over £100. Very popular and delicious.