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Best and worst countries for food?

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GagaJo Sun 05-Feb-23 20:52:18

In your experience, where has been the best country for food?

And also the worst?

For me, the best has been Spain. Probably because I almost exclusively ate what the locals eat. Fresh fruit and veg, a lot of spicy meat, and even a glass of red with the deliciously home-cooked school lunch. Fabulous tapas in our local cafe. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the paella. A bit over rated in my opinion.

I also had some incredible food in China, but that was because my Chinese flat mate was an amazing cook. Even at Western food. I showed her once how to bake and she was off. Freshly baked bread for breakfast! I was sooooo spoiled. And great Chinese delicacies too.

The worst has to have been Switzerland. Which surprised me, because I love cheese. But on the whole, I found it very bland and unimpressive.

Lottie53 Wed 08-Feb-23 15:03:01

Without a doubt the food of Palestine and other Middle East countries is the best.
The worst for me is Mexican

Kathmaggie Wed 08-Feb-23 15:18:19

Greece! Always eat where the locals eat - cheaper too!

Gundy Wed 08-Feb-23 15:22:47

My favorite subject - Food!

Best travel meals: Vancouver, Cabo San Lucas, London, Hawaii, Amsterdam, New York, Kansas City, Chicago, California.
I always like to search out Bakeries for local breads, desserts.

Fair to middling: Germany (throughout), Street Vendor Food (can be surprisingly good and inexpensive, if you are looking for quick cultural specialties!)

Worst: Tourist and Chain restaurants no matter what country, city you are in.

*Note to self - you need to do more traveling!
USA Gundy

NannyC1 Wed 08-Feb-23 15:28:47

For me 1 of the best was Iceland and Myanmar

melp1 Wed 08-Feb-23 15:46:06

Thailand and Italy for me.

Corkie91 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:04:28

Thai. Mexican, Indian, Italian best food
Worse Polish

Maggiemaybe Wed 08-Feb-23 16:16:04

I did not suprise me to see that most British towns have loads of Indian, Chinese, or other foreign take-aways, as quite honestly the British are still as a rule the worst cooks in the Western hemisphere.

The majority of cooks in our Indian and Chinese, as well as in our Thai, Burmese, Italian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Turkish, Colombian, etc, etc, etc, restaurants are British, not “foreigners”. We’re one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, which is why British cuisine has so much variety to offer.

ElaineRI55 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:33:58

Very surprised at people saying France was poor. We've had many superb meals over the years and never really been disappointed. We try to go to restaurants, take-aways and roadside cafés aimed at locals rather than tourists and have had some of the best meals we've ever experienced. Even one from a wee caravan operating from a couple's garden!

sodapop Wed 08-Feb-23 16:36:55

HannahLoisLuke you are so right about French cuisine. Here in rural France it's mainly appalling to mediocre, with one or two notable exceptions.
Andouillette is tripe sausage and it's disgusting. Unfortunately round here it's a local delicacy and often served with aperos. I have been known to hide some in my handbag.
I have had some excellent pub grub in UK and the best omelette fine herbes in Belgium.
I think you can find good and bad food everywhere but as someone else said it's probably best to avoid tourist areas.

Battersea1971 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:42:26

I think France.

Severnsider Wed 08-Feb-23 16:45:20

I agree. French food is the best in the world, I've had some incredible 'menus' in France.

And the worst, America, the food is the same, from coast to coast, bland and uninteresting, and huge portions.

Maggiemaybe Wed 08-Feb-23 16:56:20

I’m a bit surprised about all the hate for American food. We’ve had some great seafood in California, incredible pizza and bagels in New York, and excellent steaks, burgers, breakfasts and cookies wherever we’ve been. None of it’s been too healthy, though. smile

silverlining48 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:58:15

I think that your last sentence might be the point Maggie.

Maggiemaybe Wed 08-Feb-23 16:59:18

True enough. grin

grannyro Wed 08-Feb-23 17:19:34

I am vegetarian so Italy is my favourite as they never mind doing a pasta dish without meat. I have rarely had a good meal in France, I find them very arrogant about their food and if you say you are vegetarian they just offer a beautifully presented carrot or two!

glammagran Wed 08-Feb-23 21:13:46

My previous hairdresser went on a cruise some years ago stopping in St Petersburg. They visited a “Mexican” restaurant and one thing they ordered was guacamole. It was actually mashed potato with plenty of green good colouring.

sodapop Wed 08-Feb-23 21:19:21

grannyro my husband once got a plate of 30 radishes as a starter, nothing else with them !!

BigBertha1 Wed 08-Feb-23 22:12:04

Italy absolutely the best. Tunisia the worst.

glammagran Wed 08-Feb-23 22:37:16

Worst breakfasts were in a tourist hotel overlooking Mount Vesuvius in Sorrento and in a 5* hotel in Tenerife. Wasn’t keen on food in Greece but haven’t been since the mid 1980’s so probably better now. Overall worst food was in America and South Africa. The portions were ginormous. A waitress serving us breakfast in a safari hotel asked my husband if I was ill as I only wanted 1 fried egg and 2 rashers of bacon at breakfast.

Best food oddly, was in a hotel in Sharm El Sheik of all places. We could not believe our luck. Also French food and loved dim sum in Hong Kong and very spicy food in Thailand.

Bijou Wed 08-Feb-23 23:02:02

Many years ago we camped with tent so did eat out. In France we used Les Relais Routiers which served regional local food and were excellent. When we converted to caravan we shopped in the local markets. The French fruit was better than the Spanish.
When I had to go alone on holiday in hotels after my husband died I used the small cafes frequented by the locals. Still liked French food best followed by Italian and Danish.
California no good. Barbados stayed with relatives but they sometimes cooked local food but it was good to go in the garden to pick papayas bananas and Mangos.

AussieGran59 Thu 09-Feb-23 06:01:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harrigran Thu 09-Feb-23 10:36:45

Best food France, across the board from tiny family run cafes to 3 Michelin star restaurants.
Least liked food was Germany.

Brigidsdaughter Thu 09-Feb-23 18:01:49

Greece and Cyprus for me. Healthy and tasty. The weather does help!! Austrian food appeals too. I'm not sure about the worst..

Syracute Thu 09-Feb-23 22:20:53

If you want good food in any country you should research a bit before or ask for recommendations . I find classic British food very bland and tasteless . Most pubs don’t cook fresh it’s all brought in and the microwaved ( just read that recently ) The food in London is varied and there is everything you could want . Outside of London not so much . I am surprised no one mentioned Thai . For those that are wanting the salad dressing to their taste , I recommend asking for vinaigrette on the side . I don’t like over drenched salads either . Most cities have lots of vegetarian style restaurants . You need to just research first. If you are on a tour or a cruise don’t expect much . They are catering for the masses . Personally, I don’t like the soggy English chips and if I never see another pea .. yea ! I find it funny that people complain about USA too sweet desserts when you have things like sticky toffee pudding here . I find the desserts here too sugary and not big on flavour . I must admit in London that is the place to eat well, though !